Friday, July 11, 2014


In a recent Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I mentioned how when I began to drive once again, I took my van to be repaired. 

My mechanic did some of the work it needed, just as I discussed, previously.  However, not all the work could be done.

So, on Friday, July 4th, I dropped off my van to be repaired, once again.  His sister works for him on a part-time basis.  She was able to give me a ride home.  For this, I was grateful!  Thank you, A!

Now you can understand why I was thankful that my church sister E, gave me a ride to worship with my church family, last Sunday.  Again, I thank you, E!  May God bless you...

My van was finally ready on Monday, near suppertime. 

Instead of picking up my van on Monday evening, my mechanic S, picked me up at my apartment building, on Tuesday morning.  Together, we made our way to his shop, where I once again paid him for the work he did.

Then, I drove away happy.  Even though the combined fees paid to do the work on my van came to about $2,000.00!

It needed an oil change, the radiator hose re-connected, a gasket, brakes and more.  Even though I had rarely driven it over the past almost two (2) years, it didn't mean that the poor van didn't need work done.  Especially, since its brakes had seized up repeatedly, due to not being driven!

After doing some errands, I made my way home.

Once again, I found that my body was aching.  My abdomen hurt so badly that I needed to once again, rest.

Thinking about how God provides for me always, and thinking about how He encourages me always, reminded me of Joshua 1:9, "Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest."

Joshua may have made those statements, but they are the Word of God.  And, what he said, applies to what God desires.  After all, God inspired all that is written in the Bible.

Just as quoted, He wants us to be of good courage.  He doesn't want us to be afraid, or dismayed.  He wants us to remember that our Lord is with us, wherever we go. 

Yes, He is with me.  And, I'm grateful to Him, for this!  He's with you, also... as long as you are one of His family.

I pray you are saved, for if you are, you belong to Him. 

If you belong to Him, you will want to put God first (1st) in your life.  Just as He told us we should.

So, if you are not yet saved, I would suggest you begin reading God's Word, the Bible.  Begin in the New Testament.  I suggest you begin in the book of John, and read through to the end.

Hopefully, you'll become aware of what God provides, and expects of you.

And, may you be blessed, with eternal life, through salvation, by trusting in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Until next time...

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