Friday, June 20, 2014

Wow! A Real Blessing!

This week, it seems that I have been able to discuss here on Life with Lynnie (LwL) various things that have blessed me.

Yes, I truly feel God has been blessing me, lately!

Something happened last week, that I hadn't yet mentioned.  God sure did provide!

You see, on Thursday, June 12th my daughter B decided she would pick me up, and take me out shopping. 

I was in two (2) minds about doing this, because it meant having to get dressed.  And, I knew it would be difficult and painful for me to wear underwear and clothing, with the drainage tube system causing me pain. 

Still, I knew I needed to do it, so we proceeded.

Instead of taking B's van, I asked if we could take mine, since it hadn't been used in more than a couple of weeks.  B drove me to the bank, so that I could proceed after doing some banking deposits, etc.

When I walked out of the bank, B was texting on her cell phone.  She didn't even notice that steam was coming out of the front of my van.

I asked her to shut off my van; she did.  She managed to open up my van's hood, so we could allow everything to cool off.

B thought my radiator had blown.  I didn't think so.

A young man came and asked to help us.  We thanked him, and let him know that no one could do anything until the heat ended and was cool enough under the hood to add water.

A couple walked over to help us.  The husband looked over the hoses, etc. and told me he thought it may be one (1) particular hose, leaking.  He also didn't think the radiator had blown.  We thanked these people.

While they were still there talking with us, B asked how we were going to get back to where I live, to pick up her van.  While she and the couple talked, I silently prayed, bowing my head for a minute or so.

When I looked up, I saw that God had immediately answered my prayer request.  For this, I praised Him.  Even aloud!

Much to the dismay of a friend I hadn't seen in quite a while.  It was the atheist fellow who doesn't believe God exists, that was standing there beside my van, when I opened my eyes.

I asked him if he would drive B and I to pick up her van.  He agreed, but needed to do his banking, first.

Afterwards, we entered his car, and he drove us to pick up B's van.  I thanked him and commented by blessing him.

He didn't like that much.  But, he's him.  And, I'm me.

I also thanked God... aloud, once again.

Thinking about this, brought to mind Psalm 107:1, "O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever."

Yes, I wanted to give thanks to God, just as we are commanded to do.  After all, He had been merciful to us!

M didn't really say anything bad about what I said, but I could tell he wasn't happy. 

So, I let him know I could tell he didn't like me referring to God, but I explained how He had literally answered my prayer request.  Then, I once again thanked God.... and M.

B and I didn't have time to do everything we had hoped to do, but she picked up a friend of hers, and a bucket to use, to add water to my radiator.  As her friend was pouring the water, B commented that it was running out all over the ground.

Her friend checked everything over, and found that the same hose the previous fellow had commented about, was actually not leaking.  Instead, it had come completely off from where it previously had been secured.  It needed to be reattached.

I thank E for seeing this.  He got a tool out of the toolbox I had in my van, and he reconnected the hose.  Then, everything was just fine!

Thank you, E!  I am truly thankful you came with us and helped heal the problem!  May God bless you...

Why this happened, I didn't really know, at first.

However, after praying and thinking about what happened, I came to realize that God had probably allowed this to happen, not for my life's purpose.  But, for M's.

I now believe that God wanted to re-open the friendship door with M, so that seeds for Christ could be planted, once again.

M had previously told me that he grew up Catholic.  He had told me in the past, that after having problems, he began reading the Bible, even though he wasn't encouraged to do so.  He had previously told me that he had spoken with a priest, who confirmed to him that the teaching he received was not always accurate to what the Bible stated. 

So, instead of choosing to worship with a Bible-believing, Bible-preaching group of worshippers, he decided to not accept that God is real.  Instead, he adopted the thought pattern of an atheist, and even today, tells everyone that's what he is.  An atheist.

I believe that God is calling Him.  That God wanted that door to be re-opened, so that M can eventually come to Christ, and be saved.

If you agree with me, and believe in prayer, then please pray for M.  Just as I do.  And, may God bless you, my friend.

Until next time...

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