Tuesday, May 13, 2014

No Thoughts...

Every once in a while, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I discuss how I watch television (TV), often.  Especially, while I've been ill, and/or recovering from many surgeries.  Including this last one, that was major in nature.

Last week, things changed, somewhat.

As I've mentioned in the past, balcony repairs are being done here, where I live.  It took three (3) years to complete the repairs on the other side of the building.  Now, it's year three (3) here on my side of the building.  And, work is still being done.

While the workers were still using heavy equipment on my balcony and on all the balconies above and below mine, something happened that I found rather upsetting.  While the work was being done, I all of a sudden heard a loud bang.

No, it wasn't while they were on my balcony.  In fact, I'm not sure which balcony was being worked on.  However, when the loud bang happened, my TV reception died for a few seconds.  Then, it came back on.

I wondered if the wiring that runs up and down all 26 floors, giving every unit access to the roof antenna, was damaged.

At first, I couldn't tell.  It seemed that after that happened, my reception was okay.  Only for a short time. 

Then, my digital converter began shutting off and on, again.  Not just like it had during the loud bang.  But also, repeatedly.  Over and over.

After a couple of days of experiencing this, and missing quite a bit of the programmes I was watching, I began to wonder if it was the wiring, or if my digital receiver had been damaged during the loud bang.

On the fourth (4th) day after this trouble began, I no longer had any television reception.  None.  At all.

Last fall, I had purchased another TV.  It was one that I planned to use in my bedroom.  However, it was never installed.

With some help, I managed to get the flat-screen TV box moved into my living room.  Once there, I was able to get it out of the box.

That was enough work for one day.

I knew I had to move some items that were normally stored on my balcony, but were being stored during the balcony repair work, behind my older TV.   They were some of my real estate signs and frames.

I praise God I don't have carpeting, for it wouldn't have been easy for me to slide what I need moved, if there was carpeting.  That was all I did, another day.  And, it was truly more than enough, for it caused me great pain, to get this job done.

A couple of days later, on the day when I found I had absolutely no TV to watch, I managed to get the wires changed over to the new TV.  After doing the setup, I found I once again had great TV reception.

It confirmed that whatever happened to cause the loud bang days earlier, had definitely sent surges through the antenna wire and/or the electrical system, but it was not the antenna wire supplying my unit, that had been damaged.  It was definitely my digital converter that was damaged and/or died.


While I found this upsetting, I was also grateful that God had provided for me.  And, how He takes care of me.  Always.

Just as we read in Luke 12:22-24, "And he said unto his disciples, Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat; neither for the body, what ye shall put on.
23 The life is more than meat, and the body is more than raiment.
24 Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth them: how much more are ye better than the fowls?"

How amazing it was to me, that God provided for me, long before I even knew I would need His help.

How amazing it was to me, that God had made a way for me to obtain a new TV, months earlier.  One that wouldn't need to be used with a digital converter.

He knew my need, long before I did.

No, it wasn't an important need.  Certainly not a need that a person could not live without.  But, it was still a need.

And, He took care of me.  Without me even thinking about having a need, at any time.

Wow!  Thank You, Lord!

One thing I've grown to know, over many a year, is that I do not need to think about my life, and my life's needs.  He will always provide for me. 

Why?  Because, I belong to Him.

Do you belong to Him?  Are you saved?  Are you trusting in/believing upon my Lord, Jesus Christ?

If not, I would suggest you come to Him, today.  Tomorrow may be too late.

Until next time...

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