Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Voice and Supplications...

Recently, I discussed here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), about how last week and last weekend was a very special time for me.

I suppose I must go back a couple of weeks, again.  Just to remind you that my digital converter connected to my older television (TV), stopped working.  And, how I connected up a new flat-screen TV, which worked fine.

How grateful I was for this.  Yes, God helped me, by providing for me to watch television (TV), just as you read recently (about movies!).

However, last Thursday, May 15th, I went to turn on the TV in the morning, as I do every day, and instead of it turning on, it died.  :(

I was absolutely shocked.  And, rather upset.  After all, even though I had purchased it in July 2013, it had only been put together and used for the first time, less than one (1) week before it stopped working.

My first thought was... what will I do, now? 

A thought came to mind.  I got out the information booklet, which told me to unplug the TV, let it rest, and then plug it in, again.

I did this.  Over, and over, and over again.

This wasn't easy for me, considering I can hardly bend over.  And, am not supposed to do so.

In addition to unplugging the power cord from the outlet, I also tried unplugging the connecter end that plugs into the TV, over and over and over again.  Plugging it in again, didn't make it work. 

So, I called the company.  After a lengthy discussion, the person on the other end of the phone line, let me know that someone from the company would call me back.

A woman called me.  We discussed again, the situation.  And, I let her know I wasn't happy that this 'new' TV had only worked about six (6) days, before it died!

Another comment I made was about how upset I was, that while I'm recovering from surgery and hadn't been able to drive to go out, or anything, that I no longer even had a TV to watch.

The kind woman on the phone let me know that since the TV had only been connected less than a week earlier, they would e-mail me a label that I could affix to the packaging that would contain the TV and all its components and paperwork.  This way, I wouldn't have to pay to have it returned to them.

For this, I praised God!

After our conversation ended, I prayed, again.  It bothered me that over the course of the long weekend, and for a while after that, I would not have a TV to watch.  Especially, since one of my favourite shows, The Amazing Race, would be having the final episode.

Later that afternoon, my daughter B came to see me.  She was going to help me package up the TV to send it back, through the mail.

B began unplugging it, and plugging it in again, over and over.  Then, she did what I did, and unplugged the connection at the back of the TV, and plugged it back in again, over and over.

After a while, she was upset and was going to begin helping me to package it, but decided to unplug behind the TV again.  This time, when she plugged it back in again, the red light came on... on the front of the TV.

I said to not touch it!  And, I used the remote control to turn it on.  It turned on!

We discussed how the connection at the back, was obviously a loose connection.  Otherwise, it would have never stopped working, in the first place.

I called back the woman at the company and had to leave a message.  Then, I e-mailed her, asking her to phone me.

On Friday, she called me back.  I discussed how we knew what the problem with the TV was, and why it hadn't worked.  I also let her know that I would be sending the TV back, even though it was working at that time. 

Why?  Because, if it stopped working again, due to a loose/bad connection problem, there was no guarantee it would ever work, again!

She agreed.  But, being a long weekend, I let her know I couldn't send it until after the weekend.  She agreed.

How thankful I was for this.  And, especially thankful to God.  After all, He had heard my prayer and my need/desire as I prayed.

Feeling like this reminded me of Psalm 116:1, "I love the Lord, because he hath heard my voice and my supplications."

Yes, He heard my cry for help.  He heard my prayer and request.  He understood my heart's desire.

And, He answered my prayer, so that I would be able to be content through the long, lonely weekend.  For this, I am truly grateful.  Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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