Friday, May 9, 2014


In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I discussed how I was told by one of the hospital's emergency room (ER) physicians, that they did not believe it was a hernia I had, that was bulging out of my abdomen.

Hearing this, I was truly thankful.

After arriving home, I thought about what that ER physician had said about taking vitamins.  And, about what I had mentioned about those I take, daily.

I thought about giving him information about them.  Yes.  No.  Yes.  No.  The decision I made finally, was yes... I would give him information.

After printing out info for him, I packaged it up along with some sample containers, for him to see.  And, dropped it off to him, at the ER dept., after I had my CT scan done the next day, Thursday, May 1st.

When I arrived home, there was a message on my machine from the doctor I had dropped off the vitamin packaging to.  He thanked me for the information, etc.  And, he let me know he planned on checking them out. 

Wow!  Was I amazed!  After all, how often do any of us non-medical people ever hear from physicians?  Well, at least, I rarely do.  So, I was pleased and grateful for the message.

The following day, Friday, May 2nd, my daughter P picked me up once again, and dropped me off at the hospital, so I could see an ER physician.  That day, was when I was to obtain the results of the CT scan test I had done the day prior.

How thankful I was, that there were not as many people in the ER waiting area.  Due to this, I waited a shorter amount of time, but still close to a couple of hours.

The ER physician was not the same fellow as I had seen after my Ultrasound test. 

This doctor was one that I had seen a few times.  He had reminded me at the beginning of February, that I needed to have all the infected mesh inside me removed, or else I would continue needing surgery like I had on February 2nd, or I would die.

We reviewed my situation.  Then, he gave me the results of my CT scan.

It was determined that the swelling was neither a Hernia situation, nor a Hematoma.  It is a Seroma

For those who do not know what a Seroma is, please click on this link, to read about it:  It is a pocket of fluid.

I must admit, I was truly amazed!

Once again, I thanked God, aloud!

And, thought about Romans 15:1, "We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves."

While I was not bearing the infirmities of someone else, I was in reality, bearing my own infirmities.  To please God, not myself. 

And, to honour Him, by being strong in trusting Him, that His will was for me to not to have to have any further surgery.

The ER physician told me that they wanted to take me into the CT scan dept., so that a doctor there could drain the fluid from me.

I said, "Wait!  There's something I need to tell you!" 

Then, I began to let him know that after I had the Ultrasound test, the swollen area seemed to decrease in size.  I had no idea if it was as a result of having the test done, or not. 

However, I wondered if it did help.  After all, the massaging and pressure on the swollen area, not to mention the electronic input, may have encouraged the pocket of fluid to begin to drain itself.

And, I also let him know that even that morning, I noticed that the swollen area had once again, seemed smaller in size.

So, I asked him if it would be possible for us to wait a day or two (2), before having to have the drainage done.  This way, we could see if the swelled area would continue to drain, or not.

The ER physician agreed with me, and told me to come in on Monday, May 5th, instead of having the drainage done, that day.  How amazing was this?!

All the way home, I praised God!  Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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