Friday, March 28, 2014


While this entry was posted with today's date, it was written after Lynn returned home from the hospital, after having surgery, once again.  Just as you would be aware of, if you either knew me personally, or are a regular reader of Life with Lynnie (LwL).

Previously, I mentioned about how instead of waking by myself, I was woken up by a nurse and my daughter.

Just as I drifted off back to sleep, a thought struck me...  I'm alive!

My first thought after realizing I lived through the dangerous surgery that so many have not done in the past, was that I was surprised.  Yes... surprised!

The next day, March 27th, I recall hearing voices telling me to push the button, Lynn.  Without doing so, I would have no pain relief.  I was grateful that someone helped me.

Throughout that whole day, I do not recall waking up, fully.

In fact, I was in so very much pain, that I couldn't hardly even move my fingers, hands, or feet.  Never mind wake up and become alert.

By Friday, March 28th, I was truly awake. 

Waking up may have occurred within the evening prior, but I truly do not recall.  Since I recall seeing daylight to my right, I must presume it was daytime, though.

At that time, I praised God that He had made provision for me.  If you knew me, you'd understand that due to almost losing my left eye years ago, it is rather light sensitive.

This was when my nursing care professionals got me up and out of bed, for the very first (1st) time.

It wasn't easy, to be sure.  Very painful.  Especially, since I was gotten up out of bed, several times.

But, I was once again grateful to my Lord!  More about this, later.

Until next time...

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