Thursday, March 13, 2014

Surgery & Prayer...

Today, on Life with Lynnie (LwL), the topic will be something different than over recent days.  Even though I'll be discussing surgery and prayer.

It is not surgery for me.  Nor, is it prayer for me, that will be the focus.

You see, I'm referring to my friend M.  And, several other people I care for.

In the past, I've written about how my friend M had breast cancer and had a mastectomy.  Well, today, she is having surgery, once again.

This time, it is not surgery to save her life.  I praise God for this!

The operation she is having today, will restore the appearance of her body. 

When M recovers, she will no longer have to wear a mastectomy bra.  Women wear these, or use inserts in their bra, to even out the look of their breasts.  This way, anyone who isn't aware of the removal of their breast, really wouldn't be able to see a difference.  And, of course, their clothing also fits better.

M's surgery is not taking place here in Windsor.  Instead, she and her husband D, drove to London, Ontario, yesterday.  This is where her surgery is being done.

In addition to discussing and praying for M and her needs, I'd also like to mention some other friends of mine. 

Most are Facebook (FB) friends.  These are people who have truly become friends of mine.  However, there is also other friends and relatives who need prayer for healing, also.

While some have various health issues, several have cancer.  Not each friend who has cancer, has the same type of cancer. 

Still, each and every one of them are in need of prayer.  Including those with other health issues.

Prayer is so very important.  Prayer isn't just important for people, but it is something that God expects from us. 

For, when we pray we have literally gone to Him, for help.

Jesus told us how to make requests of God.

Read it for yourself, in John 14:13-14, "And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.  If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it."

When we pray, God is honoured.  And, glorified.

But, as we are told, if we pray and ask anything in the name of Jesus, He will do it.

So, today, I would like to pray for M.  And, for each of my other friends and relatives who need prayer for healing. 

No, I won't list the initials of my friends and relatives names, because there are so many that I wouldn't want to hurt/offend someone, if I screwed up accidentally, and their initial wasn't posted here.

You know who you are.  And, God does, also.  For, I pray for you, regularly.

Please pray with me.  And, may you be blessed for doing so.

Dear Heavenly Father,  We come to You on bended knee, because You are our awesome God.  You are our Father who loves us so very much, that You sent Your only begotten Son to earth, to suffer and die for the sin of the world, for the sin of all who will believe upon Him.  You loved us so very much that You made a way where there previously wasn't one, for us to be able to spend eternity in Heaven with You.  For this we thank You.  And, we thank our Lord, Jesus Christ, for coming to earth, and paying the penalty for our sin.  Father, we come to You, to ask for healing for M as she is having surgery, today.  We pray You will give wisdom to the surgeon and guide his hands.  We also come to you, requesting healing for each and every person we know who has health concerns, including those friends and relatives of mine, who have cancer and/or other physical conditions, for which they need healing.  We thank You, that we can come before You, and You hear our prayer, for where two (2) or more are gathered in Your name, You are in the midst.  So, we know You are here, with us.  We thank You, for loving us... for directing us to know and understand how to pray.  We thank You, for providing for us, always.  We thank You, for listening and answering our prayer.  We pray this in Jesus' precious name.  Amen.

Until next time...

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