Saturday, March 29, 2014

Special Day, Saturday, March 29th...

While this entry was posted with today's date, it was written after Lynn returned home from the hospital, after having surgery, once again.  Just as you would be aware of, if you either knew me personally, or are a regular reader of Life with Lynnie (LwL).

On Saturday, March 29th, I awoke rather upset once again.

You see, I had been dreaming a lot, while asleep.  But, not good dreams.  Instead, they were nightmares.

And, in almost every one was my now deceased husband, Gordon.

When my nurse for the day, wrote her name and the date on the wall chart, I realized why Gordon had been on my mind so very much.

This was the day that would have been our wedding anniversary, had Gordon still been alive. 

Truly, I wanted to cry.  It seems that grief still hasn't ended.

However, the physical pain I was experiencing was so severe, that I couldn't allow myself to even shed a tear.  It wasn't an easy day for me, to be sure. 

God provided for me, in a different way. 

He lifted my spirit with a visitor.  My brother B, who lives in Guelph, Ontario.

I was so grateful to see him.  It did my heart good.  More about this, another time.

Until next time...

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