Monday, March 3, 2014

Set Free?!

A couple of days ago, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I mentioned about how the London, Ontario surgeon shook my hand and held it for a moment, while he told me and my daughter P, that he would do the surgery I need done.

As I said before, I thanked him and praised God!

I must admit, I was rather shocked.  After all, we had not even discussed my physical condition, nor my surgical need.

So, I asked him how he could make this decision, when he wasn't completely aware of my physical condition.

To my surprise, he began to chuckle and smile.  He commented that he knew a lot more about me that I knew he did.

He let me know I had an Iritis problem (due to having Ankylosing Spondylitis, a rare Rheumatoid Arthritic problem).  And, he also said he was aware I previously had a Toronto surgeon who was supposed to have done the surgery I require.

I was rather shocked when he explained that he and the Toronto surgeon are friends.  The Toronto surgeon had phoned him, letting him know that he didn't want to leave me hanging on, any longer.

The Toronto surgeon had made efforts to be able to find a Windsor surgeon who would work with him, helping by booking an operating room.  Unfortunately, it didn't happen.

You may recall that my original Windsor surgeon said he wouldn't work with the Toronto surgeon.  And, he transferred me to another Windsor surgeon, who at first said he would work with the Toronto surgeon, but later changed his mind and decided to not help the Toronto surgeon.  He felt I should allow him to remove the mesh inside me, and not do any reconstruction, leaving me like a huge hernia.

Apparently, the Toronto surgeon tried elsewhere, but no one would commit to working with him, so he was not going to be able to book/use a Windsor operating room.  So, he had contacted the London surgeon.

He let him know my situation and my need.  By hearing this, I then knew why he didn't need all the information I had brought with me.  I knew why I had been told they already had some.

Be still my heart!

Knowing that I had felt like I had been dumped by my original Windsor surgeon, and sent to another Windsor surgeon who I felt did not truly have my best interests at heart, I had wondered if I had been also dumped by the Toronto surgeon.  It wasn't encouraging to feel like I had been tossed aside by a third (3rd) surgeon.

But, the truth came out!

Just as God told us it would, in John 8:32, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

Free?  Yes, I felt free! 

My heart no longer felt broken. 

Even though I previously said I felt relieved having found someone to help me, I felt encouraged, cared for and loved. 

You see, when I heard the truth, I realized that the Toronto surgeon knew that it would only be harmful and life-threatening to me, to have me needlessly wait for the operation I require.  This said to me that he had a caring/loving heart.  I praised God for him.  And, prayed God would bless him.

I also prayed God would bless my new London, Ontario surgeon.

He showed me and P, that he also had a caring/loving heart, also.  That's why instead of me waiting six (6) months, or more for an appointment to see him, as I had done previously in the past, I had received an appointment within less than a month.

In case you're not aware, in May 2013 I had been referred to this London surgeon, but had received an appointment for November that year.  At the time, my original Windsor surgeon had told me that was too long to wait, for I could be dead by then.  The appointment was cancelled when the Toronto surgeon agreed in August, to do the operation.

But, God is in control. 

He obviously intended for my new London surgeon to provide the medical help I need.  Rather than anyone else. 

For this, I will be eternally grateful!  Thank you, Lord!

Until next time...

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