Saturday, March 8, 2014

Only One!

In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I discussed being and not being, equally yoked.

Some may think this refers to marriage only.  But, it doesn't.  It also refers to everyday relationships with people.

Yesterday, I had telephone conversation with a friend.  This person had not yet read yesterday's entry, even though they regularly read LwL. 

Part of our discussion involved a problem they were having.  The problem involved someone else I know.

Not wanting to gossip, I let my friend know I didn't want to discuss the person, in general.

Instead, we discussed the fact that not every Christian believer is fully on the same page.  Generally speaking.

I let my friend know that they were not alone, in having problems with other people.  We all do.  Even me!

While I didn't mention any names, I did let them know that I had a problem with a Facebook (FB) friend.

To be honest, the FB friend is no longer a friend.  But, this wasn't my choice.  It was theirs.

The FB person had created several ministry pages, in the past.  A while ago, they approached me and added me to their group pages, because they wanted me to participate in their ministry efforts.

They wanted me to post as I do in other groups, using Bible verses and links to LwL.  Plus, they wanted me to participate in group discussions, etc.

No.  They had not made me an administrator on any of the group pages.  Even though I have been made by others, an administrator on about a dozen ministry group pages.  Meaning that I lead in some ways.

It became obvious to me, that this ministry page creator did not even read LwL.  Nor, did they comment on any postings I made, when I requested prayer for healing.

Had they done so, they would have understood that I have not been able to spend as much time on FB as I normally did in the past.  They would have understood that it is painful for me to sit up straight, whether to use the computer, or for other purposes.

The creator of the multiple ministry pages messaged me.  And, let me know they weren't happy that I had not been participating in their group pages and discussions, etc., the way they had intended me to do. 

Unfortunately, we did not have any conversation, together.  Instead, it was just a message to me, letting me know that since they were unhappy with me not participating the way they wanted me to, that I had been removed from every one of their multiple group ministry pages.  And, they had blocked me on those pages, so that I could not be re-added by anyone.

Wow!  I went to respond to their message, but couldn't.  That person had also not just unfriended me on the ministry pages, but also on their personal FB page as well; and, had blocked me, too.  Meaning that I couldn't even locate their ministry pages, nor their personal page/wall/timeline, to even message them.

How sad...

My friend and I talked about the fact that even though we are not always thinking along the same lines, or are not considered to be on the same page, we all consider ourselves to be Christian.

After all, there is only one (1) God!

Just as the Bible tells us, in 1 Timothy 2:5, "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;".

Whether or not we, as individuals, are truly saved or not, is not for us to decide.  Only God knows, for sure.

By realizing this, we must accept the fact that not all Christians think alike.  Or, are on the same page... with each other.  Even though, we would like to be.

While it was upsetting and rather insulting for me to be treated rudely, as had been done, I accepted the rejection.  After all, I am not alone in rejection.  Nor, is anyone else.

Jesus, our mediator between God and man, suffered for us.  He was rejected when He was here on earth, by many.  And, even still is rejected by many, today.

As I said to my friend during our telephone conversation, it is not my loss.  It's theirs.  And, the same applied to their situation.

Those who are hurtful to others, and show lack of understanding and love towards one another, will become more and more evident.  Especially, if others are treated poorly.  Like I had been treated.  And, how my friend had been treated by our mutual friend.

After all, treating others in a way God would not like, is rather sinful.

We spoke about forgiveness.  Is there truly anyone who has nothing to be forgiven of?  Absolutely, not.

There is no one perfect, here on earth. 

Even so, God told us in His Word, the Bible, to forgive.  And, to love others, as ourselves.

After praying together, our telephone conversation ended on a positive note.  For this, I praise God!

Until next time...

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