Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I wished everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day, yesterday.

Yes, I know.  Not everyone is Irish.  Not everyone needs to hear people wish others Happy St. Patrick's Day.

However, like me, many people have some Irish heritage.  In fact, a cousin of mine who lives in Northern Ireland, told me that it seemed that almost everyone who visits there, claims to have Irish heritage!

As I've mentioned many times, my heritage is from Northern Ireland.  Still, since one of my granny's brothers was sent down to the city of Cork, in the Republic of Ireland, I am sure I have family members there, also.  We just haven't met.

Will we ever meet?  Only God knows. 

From a human perspective, probably not.  Would his family (meaning wife and/or children) know why he was sent down to that southern area of the island?  At this time, I can again say... only God knows.

Family members told me a long time ago, that this brother of my granny, was left-handed.  Family, friends and even his teacher tried to help him become right-handed.  But, it didn't happen.

In that era, in the countryside area where they lived, it was thought that because he couldn't become right-handed, that possibly he had a demon.  So, he was sent away from home, to be with someone they knew who lived in the Cork city area.

Would you do this to someone you love?

After all, God told us in Luke 6:31, "And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise."

The answer may seem simple, at first.  In today's lifetime of communication, etc., many if not most, or even all of you might say they would not send a family member away from home.

But, life wasn't the same in that era.  In the late 1800's and early 1900's, life was very different.

Not everyone could read.  And, communication was difficult.  This meant that not everyone was able to learn truth, regarding health issues. 

Yes, some could read.  Some did read.  However, the majority, probably didn't.  The Bible, I mean.

For sure, those who were Catholic probably didn't read the Bible, not just based upon whether or not they could read.  But, even in the mid 1900's, mass was done in Latin.  And, those worshipping in the Catholic church were told not to read the Bible; they were to rely upon the teaching of the Priest, for knowledge. 

Even when I raised my children Catholic (no, I wasn't Catholic myself; I had to do teachings with my children for the Catholic church), I never saw a church that contained copies of the Bible.  Their people were to listen to the teaching of the priest.  And, were not encouraged to read the Bible, for themselves.  Hopefully, it is different, today.

Being Protestant, my family may or may not have been able to read the Bible.  It depended solely upon whether or not they could read.

From what I was told, this wasn't done to hurt him, when my granny's brother was sent away. 

Rather, it was done to protect him.  For in that era, and in the area they lived in, those who were believed to have demons, were not treated well.

So, to keep him safe, he was sent away to an area, where his family thought would be better accepted.  Safer.  Because, he was loved.

Knowing how much time has passed since the beginning of the 1900's, I'm sure my granny's brother has passed on.  Possibly, even his children, also.

It's too late to pray for those who have passed on.  They are either in Heaven, or are not. 

Even so, I pray for the rest of his family, who have come down through several generations.  I pray that all will come to a saving relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ.  So, that they will be saved.

Until next time...

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