Saturday, March 22, 2014


If you've been reading Life with Lynnie (LwL), you'll know that this past week has been a surprising week.  Far more than you know about.

Unless we've talked by phone, you probably aren't aware of what I've been doing for the last couple of weeks, or more.

Knowing that I cannot sit up straight, or lean forward for more than a short time, I decided a while back, to try and become organized to do my taxes.  My income tax.

Being self-employed, this is not an easy task.  Although I am fairly organized!

I do have to do bookkeeping every three (3) months, because I have to remit my HST tax, quarterly.  Most realtors do not do this.  Most only file annually. However, I am not allowed to do so, because when I first obtained my Business Number, I was a store owner.  Stores must remit quarterly.

As I've said in the past, I did request that I be changed to being able to remit annually, but it was refused by the government to allow me to do so.  This means I still must remit, quarterly.

In some ways, this is good.

When it comes time to do a profit and loss statement to prepare to do my annual income tax return, I only have to add up and confirm the results of four (4) sets of figures.  Even so, it takes some time.

While I've been told by many authors, that they don't have to remit HST for the books they sell, I do.  Yes, our government has allowed people who sell less than a minimal designated amount, to not have to obtain a Business Number and remit HST.

However, due to already having a Business Number, prior to becoming an author, I must use it.  In other words, this means I must collect HST and remit it to the government.  Quarterly.

For a healthy person, this wouldn't be a problem.  However, for me with an open incision and gut pain, it isn't easy to sit up straight for any length of time.  Even at the computer, to write LwL and do the posting.

So, I take my time.  As with anything I have to do physically.

I do a little.  Then, I stop.  Rest.  Until I feel I can go and do more.

This means it takes a lot longer for me to do things. 

But, God is always there for me.  He helps me, and guides me.  Always.

Just as we read in Psalm 48:14, "For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death."

I must admit, that He is always here with me, helping me.  Guiding me.  Showing me the way to be able to function, even with my limitations. 

For this, I praise Him, in appreciation for what He does for me.  Thank You, Lord!

If He was not helping me, I would not be able to do the things I need done. 

I have no physical help.  Not for maintaining my living area.  And, not for doing any/all paperwork that needs to be done for my governmental responsibilities.

A few weeks ago, God placed it on my heart to begin bringing together the information I have, and create profit and loss statements for every area of my life's self-employment. 

Normally, I wouldn't do this until early or mid April.  You see, our Federal government suggested a few years ago to my now deceased husband Gordon and I, to not file until the end of April, when it is the deadline for Canadian personal income taxes to be filed.

This was done, because that is the only time when a person can be sure that all necessary documents to be filed with the tax return have been received.  You see, a few years back, after we filed, we received a fine from the government. 

Not because we did anything wrong in our numbers on our forms.  Rather, it was because Gordon's employer had issued other information that Gordon was to have included in his income tax return.  Information that we never received.  And, were never told how many T4's and/or T4A's, his employer was sending out.

Yes, we appealed the fine.  And, we won.  But, that didn't change the fact that we were told we would never be able to appeal in the future, for anything similar, again.

Until this year, I've always waited until near the deadline, to send in tax forms.  This way, I could call the government tax office and confirm that I received all information that the government had received copies of, from the issuer. 

Even though Gordon is no longer alive, I still normally do this, because I receive a survivor's pension.  And, I never know for sure, what or how many documents I need to file.

This year, God put it on my heart to begin gathering all the information and doing the reports I needed to make, early.  And, I did so.

How blessed I am for being obedient!  If I hadn't done what God led me to do, I would not have been able to actually complete my income tax return, prior to me going next week for the surgery that I didn't know I'd be receiving, since I only found out about the surgery date this past Thursday.

To ensure I do not have a problem again with our government, I will include a letter, advising them that I was filing earlier than usual, due to the fact that I was having surgery, and would not be physically able to do the paperwork, afterwards.  At least, not in time to file on time!

I praise God for this!  And, for so much more.

I praise God for you, my friend.  I pray for you, daily. 

I praise God for all who care and/or love me.  Whether I see them often, or not.

I know He's blessed me.  I'm thankful.  And, will be... forever.

Until next time...

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