Sunday, March 30, 2014

Another Special Day...

While this entry was posted with today's date, it was written after Lynn returned home from the hospital, after having surgery, once again.  Just as you would be aware of, if you either knew me personally, or are a regular reader of Life with Lynnie (LwL).

As I discussed yesterday here on LwL, I was still feeling some grief, thinking about my now deceased husband, Gordon.  And, our wedding anniversary.  Of course, the negative nightmares didn't help, either.

God provided for me, once again.

My friends H & N, came to visit me.  This was surprising, since like my brother, they live about an hour and a half drive from the hospital where I was treated at.

When they walked into my room, my heart skipped a beat.

They brought a gift for me.  A plant of pick roses.

This almost made me cry.

Not, because I was thrilled receiving my visitors and their gift.  Even though I was!

I thanked them for visiting me, and for the beautiful plant.

Once again, I had to fight off tears, because what they brought with them for me, was slightly different, but similar to what Gordon used to give me on our anniversary.  Pink roses.

Through my mind, ran thoughts of how God was lifting up my spirit on the weekend when I was having such a hard time, with grief. 

Again, I found myself truly thankful to God, for providing for me.  More about this, another time.

Until next time...

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