Saturday, February 8, 2014


If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that I was told that what I had experienced was an INFECTED HEMATOMA, when the surgeon had come in to see me.

This was on Tuesday morning.  The day I was being released from hospital.

Things were rather busy there, that day.  As soon as the surgeon left my room, my nurse had me sign the discharge paperwork.

This happened moments before my bandage was changed.

A couple of times, I had already told my nurse that I had pain on my right side.  She replied that it's probably due to the surgery pain I was experiencing. 

The teaching nurse and student nurse arrived to clean and redress my wound area.

I should tell you at this time, that the teaching nurse had been one who had taken care of me, during a previous surgery.  Yes, we had both recognized each other.

We enjoyed some conversation over the couple of times she had brought students to practice cleaning and redressing my wound area.

On Tuesday, after the dressing was removed, it was acknowledged that the student needed to go get something that had been forgotten.  Off the student nurse went.

The teaching nurse and I spoke about my wound.  I felt a hard lump on my right side, where I was feeling pain.

I asked her to feel it.  She immediately told me that I needed to have a CT Scan done to verify what it was.  And, she asked if I had talked with my nurse about it.

In response, I let her know I had.  But, nothing had been done.

The teaching nurse called my nurse into the room.  She let her know I needed to have a CT Scan done. 

My nurse replied that I had already been released.  Adding that the doctor had not ordered any tests.

The teaching nurse looked at me and made it clear.  See a doctor.

I took a deep breath.  And, sighed.

It seemed to me that nothing I need ever seems to get done.  At least, not until situations worsen.  Or so it seems.

I prayed about it.  I asked God to make a way where there wasn't one.

You see, the surgeon wasn't prepared to take care of me, any longer.  Mainly due to the fact that she doesn't get involved in hernia situations.  And, I won't be seeing the London, Ontario surgeon until the end of February.

My daughter P, drove me home.  On the way, we had to stop at the drug store, so that my prescriptions could be filled.

Eventually, we made it to my apartment.

I listened to messages on my answering machine.  To my surprise, there was a very important one.

It was from the hospital I had just been discharged from.  Apparently, they wanted me to arrange an appointment to have a CT Scan.

Be still my heart!

Wow!  Talk about God making a way where there didn't seem to be one!  To me, this was proof that nothing was impossible for God. 

Just like He told us in Luke 18:27, "And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God."

Yes.  He made a way for me, where there seemed to be no way!

I praised Him!  Thank You, Lord!

What an answer to prayer!

Until next time...

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