Monday, February 24, 2014


A couple of days ago, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I discussed what happened to me on Thursday, at the hospital.

By the time my daughter P had taken me to the drug store, to have my prescription for more antibiotics filled, I arrived home, close to midnight.

Friday morning, the hospital called me, just as I had been told at the hospital's Emergency Room (ER) doctor told me they would.  I was scheduled to have the drainage done at 10:30 a.m.

Knowing that my daughter P had a seriously full schedule that day, there was no way she could fit it in her schedule to pick me up, and transport me to the hospital.

God provided.  Just as He always seems to do!

I called my friend M.  She's my friend who had surgery last October and understands what I am going through.

Unfortunately, she had a doctor's appointment first thing and wasn't going to be able to bring me to the hospital.  However, she said she would pick me up at the hospital and bring me home, afterwards.

For this, I thanked her.  And, praised God.

After I got off the phone with M, and while I was praying and considering calling a couple of other friends, my phone rang.

My friend A, called me.  She wanted to know if it was okay for her to come visit me, shortly after her phoning me.

When I let her know I needed a ride to the hospital, she agreed to pick me up at home, and drive me, there.  This way, we could have a short visit, together.  Even if it wasn't in my apartment!

I thanked my friend.  And, praised God!

Once again, Philippians 4:19 came to mind, "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

I realize that not everyone believes that God provides for all our need.  But, He does.  At least, for His children, who trust in Him.

This verse shows the promise God made to us.  What a promise!

Think about this for a minute.

God knew my need, even before I did.  He provided, in a way that I needed, yet didn't know would happen.

Thank You, Lord!  I felt blessed.  Probably, because I was!

Arriving at the hospital on time, I registered at the Admitting Department office.  Then, made my way to the same waiting room as where I had been the day before, when I waited for the ultrasound test.

More than a half hour (1/2) later than my scheduled time, I was called for my treatment.

The technician did another ultrasound test.  So did another technician.

While I was lying on the table, waiting for the doctor to come into the room and drain my ABSCESS, my phone rang.  It was M letting me know she was outside in her van, waiting for me.

When she found out I wasn't ready yet, she drove off to do an errand for one of her family members. 

Eventually, the doctor arrived.  He froze my gut. 

Instead of using needles through the abdominal skin, he unpacked my incision.  He went inside me through that area, and drained the ABSCESS.  He also took a biopsy.

Afterwards, he told me I needed to go into ER, once again. 

Shockingly, I asked why?  He responded that he couldn't repack my incision.  ER would have to do it.

I asked him if they were going to take me in ER, immediately. 

He didn't know.  I mentioned that I had waited before.  Once for 4+ hours, and the other for more than 5 1/2 hours.

He asked if my nurse would be seeing me at home.  I responded that she intended to in the late afternoon.

It was suggested that if I wanted to not go to ER, I could go home, and wait for my nurse.

That's exactly what I did.  And, since my nurse arrived earlier than planned, I didn't wait as long as I had previously at the ER department!

My friend M picked me up, and drove me home.  I thanked her.  And, once again praised God!

Until next time...

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