Monday, January 27, 2014


Here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), from time to time, I discuss my activities at church.

Last Thursday was Prayer/Growth/Fellowship (Bible study) night.  I went, and enjoyed my time with some of my church family. 

Afterwards, we pray for the needs of all we know who need prayer.  And, more.

Of course, every week one person brings snacks.  Mmm... nice!

On Saturday, I attended the Personal Evangelism (sort of like a Bible study) class.

We begin by having lunch together, with all those who attend the class.  Again, I can only say... mmm... nice!  Thank you, pastor Tom!  Thank You, Lord!

As in most other events I've attended, we begin and end in prayer. 

How grateful I am for this!  After all, prayer is very important.

Some people set aside a specific time for prayer.  Personally, I think this is a good idea.

However, I don't really do this.

Oh, I'm not saying that I don't take time to pray.  I do.

Usually, before and/or after I read my Bible, is when I pray.

But, there is more to prayer for me.  I believe we must be in an ongoing mode of prayer.  Prayer that never seems to end.

Like what we read in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, "Pray without ceasing."

It matters not to me what I'm doing.  While I'm doing whatever, I pray.

As I'm driving, some people might think I'm talking on my cell phone, or possibly even singing a song (which sometimes, I do!).  In reality, I'm usually praying.

Even when I am sitting talking with people, I find myself praying for them and their needs.  Silently.

Discussing this brought to my mind something that happened a few years ago.

When my now deceased husband Gordon was still alive, we had been invited to a wedding anniversary celebration party.  Our friends, were/are Muslim.

Knowing we were the only Christians in attendance, most people didn't want to sit with us.

However, one person in attendance I knew personally, because she sold real estate.  Just as I do.

So, she and her husband shared a table with Gordon and I.

After eating, we talked.  This Muslim couple tried to convince us that we needed to become Islamic, and give up Christianity.

The husband politely stated that they pray five (5) times a day.  And, made fun of us, stating that we only get together one (1) day per week, and pray.

When he was finished, I let him know the truth.

We, as Christians, do not need to meet in order to pray.  We do not need to gather, together.  Nor, do we have to get onto our knees.

I let him know the truth.  I told them that while he was talking to us, I prayed for him.  And, for his wife. 


They weren't even aware I had done this.  And, the look on their faces confirmed they were shocked.

Nevertheless, I had prayed.  And, I let them both know that prayer for them, would continue.

Just as it always has.

Until next time...

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