Friday, January 24, 2014

Give Place...

If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that I discussed about how I am now without any surgeon to do the surgery/operation that I was told last May (2013) I needed as soon as possible (asap).

To me, the worst part is that I never had anything to do with this happening.  This is just the proof of evilness in our world, today.

The Toronto surgeon had told me that my original Windsor surgeon contributed to my need for this upcoming surgery, by not removing the old mesh from inside me when he did my original surgery for the incarcerated hernia, and placed new mesh over top of the old, creating the circumstance that quite often creates an abscess.

This is part of why he needed my original surgeon to work with him, to arrange an operating room.  Of course, the other reason is that even though he does specialty surgeries and goes all over the province to do so, he does not have the power to make hospital arrangements for operating rooms. 

This proves that our healthcare system isn't working right.  After all, how can he assist in healing someone like me, who needs his care, if he cannot access what he needs.

The other reason he told me he needed to do my surgery at the hospital where I had the emergency surgery for the incarcerated hernia in September 2012, was because they also had contributed to my need for surgery.  It was their uncleanness that contributed to me being permanently affected by the staph infection MRSA.

Even though MRSA can bring on the flesh eating disease and/or cancer, one thing I am grateful for, is the fact that it is contained to my wound area in my gut.  It is not throughout my body.  I am not contagious.  I praise God for this!

However, as you can see, I did nothing to bring on those two (2) infections that are poisoning my body.

Does this make a difference?  Not really.

No one in our medical community cares.

As I mentioned previously, a neighbour resident of my apartment complex let me know that a friend of his had the same problem I have, for the same reasons.  And, because his friend's surgical need was drawn out so very long, being postponed, over and over again, his friend died.

Forgive me for saying this.  But, I believe this is exactly what is happening to me.

Please realize that I am not trying to hurt anyone, by discussing my situation.  If I were, I would be quoting names.

No.  As a born-again Christian, I realize that I should not avenge myself. 

Just as God told us in Romans 12:19, "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord."

Hopefully, you understand that even though I have been discussing my physical problem, I have not been trying to hurt anyone.  I know I couldn't, anyway.  Even if I wanted to, since our legal system and laws prevent most lawsuits from happening.

But mostly, I have not tried to show vengeance to those who have done me wrong, because God is in charge.  It is His place to make things right.  Not mine.

After all, He did tell us in that verse that Vengeance is His.  And, I trust Him for this.

Unfortunately, it is my opinion that they do not really want to help me.  I believe that this is why my needed care is being put off, over and over.

It is my opinion, that this way, they can bury their problem (me) with no human recourse.  And, no expense to our governmental healthcare system.

But, their thinking with regards to me and my situation is wrong.

It wouldn't be to help them, if their controlling spirits brought about my death.  It would be to help me.

They would suffer when they stand before Christ on judgement day. 

Please realize that if any are saved people, I am not saying they would lose their salvation; for they wouldn't.  But, they would still pay a price, by losing rewards.

And for those who are unsaved, they will pay an eternal price in Hell.

For me, instead of suffering here on earth, I would be in heaven with my Lord, Jesus Christ.  And, I would be made whole.

No more pain.  No more suffering.  Just as God promised.

I would be eternally blessed.

Until next time...

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