Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Time To Die...

Here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), from time to time, I've discussed telephone calls.  On Monday, I received a long-distance call.

As my phone rang with the long-distance call ring, I wondered who it was calling.  You see, just a few minutes earlier, my friend from Germany and I had just hung up after enjoying a conversation.

And, it seemed too early for my other friends in Milton, Ontario to call.  Usually, we speak later in the day.

To my surprise, it was my friend Clark's son.

In the past, I've referred to Clark, as C.  He's the person who was for a time, my real estate partner. 

Well, he was until he had a stroke.  Even then, we both felt that he would recover and would be able to return to work.

He did heal, eventually.  He had many treatments to help him stand and walk.  So, after quite a while, he was finally able to walk, and live his life, again.

Instead of returning to work, he retired.

Clark was like me, in one way.  He was widowed. 

Living alone, and not functioning 100% meant that he had home care help.  This was something that was very helpful to him.

Clark began having some digestion problems.

Eventually, his doctor ordered a scope test done.  The results showed he had cancer of the esophagus.  Not near his throat area, but near his stomach.

Not wanting to add too much fluid to his body, since Clark was a dialysis patient, he didn't receive chemotherapy.  Instead, they gave him radiation treatments, only.

He seemed to improve, eating-wise for a while.  Then, he began losing weight.

On the weekend of Father's day, last June, his daughter picked him up and brought him to live at her home.

At first, he'd call me, letting me know that he was happy to be there.  But, he didn't want to stay permanently.

He wanted to return to Windsor.

This last October, Clark did come home to Windsor.  But, it wasn't on a permanent basis.

He wanted to list his home with me, to sell it.  He was shocked to hear I couldn't do this for him, at that time.

You see, I was still on that six (6) month term my real estate board called 'sick leave'.  Meaning I didn't have to pay them my monthly fee.  Even if I had to continue paying all other licensing fees, like CREA, OREA, E & O Insurance, and more.

This also meant that I could not access the MLS system and/or any forms that we realtors use on a regular basis. 

This meant he couldn't list his home with me, allowing me to sell it.  So, he listed his house with someone else.

Why did he want to sell his home?  Because, he was feeling worse, and worse.

It was his intention to go back to live at his daughter's, in Bolton, Ontario.  Which he did in mid-December.

When his son called me, he let me know that Clark died.

While this was shocking to hear, I really wasn't surprised.  The last time I had spoken with Clark, he had told me how horrible he felt, physically.

I had prayed for him.  But, had known in my heart that he was probably not going to be long, here on this earth.

After all, no one stays here, permanently.

Just as God told us in Ecclesiastes 3:1-2a, "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavenA time to be born, and a time to die;"

Yes, no one will remain here on earth, permanently.  Not me.  Not you.  And, certainly not Clark.

His son let me know that apparently, he went to dialysis on Monday, January 20th.  Instead of releasing him, they admitted him as a patient into Brampton Civic Hospital.

You should know that a couple days earlier, Clark had told me that he had to use his oxygen for almost the entire previous 24 hours.  He had also told me that he wished his life would end.

Which it did, on Sunday, January 26th, at 11:02 a.m.

Now I understand why I couldn't reach him all that week.  And, now I understand why he didn't call me back.

I was grateful his son called me.  Even if the information wasn't good.

At least I know Clark is no longer suffering.

Until next time...

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