Monday, December 16, 2013

In You??

As I discussed yesterday, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), my life is in You, Lord!  Of course, He knows it, too...

Over and over in my mind, I kept wondering if I should go and honour Him, with worship. 

In my heart, I wanted to.  In my body, I just wanted to rest.

After much prayer, I decided to get myself up, and running to go worship.  Well, okay... we can forget the running part.  I drove.  And, walked.

Since my coughing seemed to have curtailed itself, and knowing that it seemed I was past the point of being at risk of sending germs to others, I made my way to meet up with my church family.

The cold air didn't seem to affect me.  For this, I was thankful.

I praised God for the Holy Spirit's direction.  Worship was wonderful!

Although, I must admit, I didn't sing.  When I tried to, it brought on a cough, once again.  So, I just mouthed the words, knowing that they were coming from my heart.

Afterwards, I dropped by to see a relative of my deceased husband, Gordon.  It was unfortunate that they weren't home.

It was rather disappointing. 

Not only was I not able to drop off their Christmas gift and say 'hello', but after parking on the one way street on the driver's side of the road, I stepped out of my van onto the roadway.  Sound normal?

It wasn't.  The snow covered roadway, hid the sewer area and I stepped right into the softened, mushy, deeper than elsewhere depth of snow.

It covered my feet and soaked me up to my ankles.

Yes, I was wearing my sh-boots.  At least that's what I call them.  They are boots that look like shoes.  Slip on shoes.

The trouble was, that the mushy wet snow soaked me, my sh-boots and even my feet.  So, until I made my way home and was able to remove them, my feet were wet, freezing and uncomfortable.

Of course, with old Murph, of Murphys' Law, being alive and well, this was my first stop of many.

Knowing that I will be busy next weekend, and knowing there was a few things I needed to contribute to it, I made my way to do my shopping.  The first store I entered, didn't have what I needed.

This was shocking to me, because they always have them.  But, they didn't.  Upon my request, they called their other location, who claimed they had some, but not all of what I needed.

Knowing their other location was at the furthest part of the town of Tecumseh, I stopped at another store, on the way.  Nope.  None.

In fact, I stopped at five (5) stores.  And, walked through each one.  To have the same result.  None.

Eventually, I made my way to the store I had been heading towards, in Tecumseh.

Upon arrival, I recalled being told they only had 2/3 of what I needed.  But, God answered my prayers.  I found another one, hidden behind other items. 

This meant that I was able to purchase all I was looking for! All that was required to fulfill what I needed to do.

Hallelujah!  I praised God for this!

This brought to mind, John 15:7, "If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you."

Knowing that God's will is always done, I thanked Him.  Over and over, again.

After all, He did it for me.  He supplied what I needed.  He provided.

Yes, I abide in Him.  And, His words abide in me.  This verse lets us know that this is probably why God answered my prayer, in a positive way.

Again, I praised Him!  And, thanked Him!

Does His words abide in you?

Do you read His Word, the Bible?

If/when you do, do you try to remember/memorize Bible verses?  Especially the ones that are a promise to you?

Hopefully, so.

If not, I would suggest you do so.  And, may God bless you.

Until next time...

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