Saturday, December 14, 2013

He Helped Me!

As I discussed yesterday on Life with Lynnie (LwL), it probably wasn't a good idea to have gone out on Thursday at suppertime.  The cold seemed to set my body off  'chillin' and 'smokin', once again.

If I could have avoided it, I would have.  But, I truly felt like I didn't have much choice.

I won't discuss the reason why. 

However, I will say that the couple I picked up and took with me to Bible study, don't drive.  Neither of them.  And, this was a situation, where they truly had to be taken to meet up with my pastor.

No matter what, I was grateful that I had done, what we had pre-arranged for me to do.  Hallelujah!

Even though it really wasn't good for my physical condition, God provided for me.

He helped me through.  While I did cough from time to time, it certainly wasn't like I had done over the prior few days.  It seemed to be under better control.  I truly thought I was receiving healing from Him, rather quickly.

At least, until after I dropped the husband and wife off, where they live.

Once I felt the rush of the cold air on me once again, I began to cough.  And, cough.  And, cough.  All the way home.

While I felt I was once again suffering, I praised God for providing for me.  Providing, by allowing me to not cough much at all, while I was with the small group of people we shared dinner, Bible study, and prayer with!

I felt weakened and weary by the time I arrived home.  And, prayed.

While seated in my recliner chair, it seemed like immediately, that I fell asleep.  For about two and a half (2 1/2) hours!  It was all I could do, to force myself to wake up, in time to take my medications.

When I was finally able to wake up enough to leave my chair and go take my medicines, it was about midnight.

It didn't take much for me to realize that I hadn't been functioning in my own strength.  After all, like I said, I was so tired, I could hardly wake up.

Nope.  I knew in my heart, that it was God's strength and help that had made me able to do what I had done.

Just as we read in Psalm 71:16, "I will go in the strength of the Lord God: I will make mention of thy righteousness, even of thine only."

After all, my righteousness, in and of myself, without my Lord, Jesus Christ... is just as the Bible teaches... as filthy rags.  But, Jesus' blood and righteousness is stronger than anyone could every imagine.

My physical collapsing, had proven that I didn't really have much strength.  But, my Lord, did!

He helped me, in every way possible.

I praised Him, for this!  And, continue to praise Him, for all He has done and does for me.

With my health concerns, I may be suffering, but fully trust in God... for everything in my life.

Hopefully, you do, also.

If not, I would suggest you pray about it.  Speak with God.  And, He will answer.

Until next time...

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