Monday, December 2, 2013


Here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I thought I'd take the time to mention a bit about my comings and goings, last Saturday.

After going to sleep rather late Friday night, or maybe I should say... early Saturday morning, I was up again, early.  Believe me, when I say I was sad that my alarm went off.  I truly wanted to sleep, longer.

Even so, I got up, got ready, and got rolling.

Knowing that I had so many reasons to bake, I had baked many dozens of cookies, as I wrote about, previously.  First thing Saturday morning, I went down to our apartment building's party room and donated plates of cookies, to be sold at the fundraiser that morning.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay with the group for a very long time.  I had to make my way to the library, to get done what I usually do for God.

Afterwards, I made my way to my friend W's home.  She is my friend that joined me in widowhood, a few months ago.

W had in the month of November of years past, held an open house offering Avon, crafts and bake goods.  This year, was the same, last Saturday.

After shopping, visiting with W, and enjoying some apple cider and sweet treats, I made my way to Walkerville Evangelical Baptist Church (WEBC).  The place where I worship with my new church family.

I had to be there by noon.  And, I made it!

Down to the fellowship room I went.  With me, I had a plate of cookies.  Not surprising, huh!

It wasn't so that we could have a sweet treat during our learning session on Personal Evangelism.  It was because I knew that the church was providing lunch for all the participants, just as it had in the past.  And, I felt I wanted to contribute, by bringing dessert.

There wasn't as many people as there had been last month, but those who were there were happy I had brought a tasty treat to finish off our delicious meal.  I must say, it was a wonderful time once again, of fun, fellowship and food (FFF)!

Due to less people in attendance, there was much left over.  Pastor Tom insisted that a few of us take home a plate of food.  Some to give it to spouses and for me, to be another meal for me.  I was thankful for this, to be sure! 

I must admit that I am happy to be attending the Personal Evangelism course, that Pastor Tom is teaching. 

Truthfully, most of what has been discussed, I learned in years past.  Even so, I am grateful to have participated, for it was a wonderful refresher for me. 

Me.  A person who believes we need to reach out to others, as missionaries.  Right here, at home. 

Why?  To do God's work.  Work He commanded us to do.

Like in Mark 16:15-16, "And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.  He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned."

If you know me, you know that it breaks my heart that even though God wishes that none should perish, some will not be saved.  He set things up this way. 

It concerns me that there are those falsely preaching/teaching that everyone will spend eternity in Heaven with God, when it is not the truth.

And, it concerns me that many fellow Christians are not concerned about doing God's work.  Even if He commanded us to do so.

Yes, we need to support missionaries who are working for God, in various countries around the world.  But, right at home here, there are many people who are not yet saved. We have a mission field, right here!  Or, wherever you live.

Are you saved?  Are you trusting in Jesus, for your salvation?

If not, when your life ends, you will spend eternity in Hell.  In the Lake of Fire.  Without any chance of escape.

If this touches your heart, I would suggest you either e-mail me, contact a Bible-believing pastor and/or begin reading the New Testament portion of the Bible.  In the book of John, you'll read for yourself that indeed... you need to be saved.

Once you've realized that you truly need to gain salvation, you'll realize that you need to be obedient, also.  Obedient to God's commandments to us.  Like being baptized.

If this wasn't important to God, He would not have commanded us to go and preach the gospel to all the creatures of the earth.  Nor, would He be commanding us to believe, and then... be baptized!

I pray that when the time comes, I will see you, in Heaven, my friend.  For sure, this will happen if you become a true Bible-believing Christian.

Until next time...

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