Wednesday, December 4, 2013

And, The Choice Is....

It's been a while since I discussed my health situation, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL).  Today, will be the day!

Seriously, I've had many people ask me if I've had the surgery/operation that I've been waiting for.  My answer has always been... no

Usually, I'm asked when I will be having the surgery/operation.  My reply is always been... I don't know.

Some have asked why I haven't yet had the surgery I need.  In response, I try to keep it short, but it's almost impossible to do so.

To recap, here is what's happened:

*  My original Windsor surgeon notified me in the spring of 2013, that I needed to have surgery, as soon as possible (ASAP).  Apparently, the mesh inside me is infected and must be removed.

*  My original Windsor surgeon searched for a capable surgeon, for he claimed that he was not.  Eventually, I was told that there were only four (4) surgeons in the Province of Ontario (PO), that could do it.

*  Possible surgeon #1 PO = Not taking patients.

*  Possible surgeon #2 PO = Not taking patients.

*  Possible surgeon #3 PO = Too long to wait, for my original Windsor surgeon felt I could be dead by then, if I had to wait that long.

*  With my cousin's help (she lives Arizona) in USA, at the end of July 2013, I saw a surgeon in Las Vegas, who asked me why when my original Windsor surgeon realized the abscess inside my gut hadn't drained, he hadn't taken me into the operating room, to remove the abscess?  I had replied that... I didn't know.  I also found out that due to my two (2) surgeries/operations since September 2012 and due to having drainage tubes and leaking of fluid and infection in my gut, that my stomach muscles were too thin for him to use (separating them, thinning them out, to do reconstruction).  Hence, he couldn't do the surgery.  He also told me (and my cousin, who was with me) that I needed to have the abscess removed, asap.  In addition, I had been told that the approximately seven (7) weeks of heavy-duty antibiotics given to me intravenously, was a waste of time; they were strong enough to get the MRSA (staph infection I picked up in the operating room, that can bring on cancer, the flesh-eating disease, and more) under control... ONLY if I hadn't had the abscess, too.  He said they weren't strong enough to get under control both the MRSA, and the infection from the abscess.  Therefore, I truly needed the abscess removed, asap.  Then, be put back on strong antibiotics intravenously, again.

*  Possible surgeon #4 = Told me at the end of August 2013 that I indeed needed surgery/operation to have the abscess removed, asap.  And, he was willing to do it.  However, he cannot do the surgery at his hospital in Toronto, due to the fact that he does specialty surgeries for people all over the province, and his hospital doesn't want to have their facility, operating rooms, and other healthcare items used up continuously by people from outside the Toronto and suburban areas.  Therefore, he would have to come to Windsor, and work with/through my original Windsor surgeon, to book the operating room at the hospital where I had previously had those two (2) surgeries, and where I had obtained the staph infection, MRSA.  Unfortunately, my original Windsor surgeon didn't want to work with the Toronto surgeon, and refused to do so, claiming that it wasn't his area of expertise.  I found this upsetting to me, considering the Toronto surgeon told me that he believed that the abscess was probably caused because my original Windsor surgeon had not removed the original mesh inside me from my first hernia surgery in 1994.  Instead, he just added another layer of mesh, inside me. The Toronto surgeon let me know that 8-9 times out of 10, when patients like me had a similar thing done (a second layer of mesh being added overtop of the original layer, instead of replacing the original area), usually causes an abscess.  Consequently, I was referred by my original Windsor surgeon, to another Windsor surgeon who my daughter and I were told, was willing to work with the Toronto surgeon.

*  My newer Windsor surgeon, who my original Windsor surgeon told my daughter and I that he was willing to work with the Toronto surgeon, at first told my daughter and I that he was NOT my doctor.  If I needed pain medications, and/or antibiotics like I was taking by mouth, I needed to see my family doctor.  He let us know that he would only be taking care of me, after the surgery happens.  When my daughter suggested that he refer me to a surgeon who WOULD be my doctor and care for me before, during and after the surgery needed, he replied that there are NO surgeons in the province, who would want to work with me, considering the problems going on in my gut.  On my second (2) visit with him, I was there alone, and he told me he changed his mind.  He decided he would NOT work with the Toronto surgeon.  And, then decided to just give me a second (2nd) opinion.

*  My family doctor refused to give me renewals for the antibiotics that I had been told I needed to take, until the time of my upcoming surgery.  In fact, his receptionist told me on one visit, that he was refusing to see me; that I needed to see my surgeon.  Just so you know, I thought this was strange and wondered why I was treated this way, especially since my daughter's doctor wrote me the prescription I needed, at a later time.  Later, I found out through a friend of mine, who recently had surgery, that she went through the same thing with her surgeon and family doctor.  Her surgeon refused to give her aftercare of prescriptions for antibiotics and/or pain medications.  Now tell me... who do you know that could possibly not require pain medication after having surgery?  No one that I know of!  Even so, when she saw her family doctor, he responded the same way to her, that mine had to me.  There was a difference though.  Her family doctor explained to her that the insurance that doctors pay for, had been changed.  Under the new plan, if a family doctor prescribes medication and/or treatment that the surgeon claims wrongly affected the patient, the family doctor can be sued by the surgeon.  Hence, the obvious reason why some family doctors are refusing to work with patients who are being treated, surgically.

**  So, where does this leave me?

It means that I CANNOT have the surgery that I have been told by four (4) surgeons since the spring of this year (2013), that they have all told me I need, asap. 

Why?  Because, there's no surgeon here, where I live, in Windsor, who is willing to work with the Toronto surgeon, who cannot do my surgery anywhere, but here.

This means, there is no other plan of healing available to me, since our wonderful socialized-medicine healthcare system... is broken.  And, I've fallen through  a crack.

This is why I've been praying for a miracle healing, from God.  I know that He will heal me.

After all, He told us so, in Psalm 34: 19, "Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all."

Yes, my righteousness is as filthy rags, just as God's Word, the Bible tells us.  But, my Lord, Jesus Christ, makes me righteous, through my relationship with Him, due to me trusting Him for everything in my life.

And, being a child of God, He will deliver me, from this physical health trial, and indeed every trial that I go through, in my life.  Thank You, Lord!

How wonderful is this?!

Okay.  I realize that I won't decide, but He will decide when and how He will deliver me from this dangerous, life-threatening affliction.

He may decide to heal me physically, and leave me here on earth.  To continue doing His work, just as I currently do.

Or, He may decide to take me home to Heaven.  Where I can honour and glorify Him, for eternity.

The choice is His.  I have no control over it. 

And, if you were in my shoes, you wouldn't, either.

Tell me, are you saved?  Are you trusting in our Lord, Jesus Christ, for everything in your life?  If so, that's wonderful!

If not, I feel sorry for you. 

For God does NOT have to listen to prayer from the unsaved.  Nor, will He stop an unsaved person from being thrown into the Lake of Fire, and spending eternity separated from Him.

Friend, if you aren't yet believing upon the Lord, Jesus Christ, please do so, today.  You'll be glad you did.

By the way, I am no longer on oral antibiotics, as no one wants to provide a prescription for me.  Therefore, it is possible that the two (2) infections in my gut, that my body is trying to prevent from damaging my internal organs, may contribute to my life ending.

If you believe in prayer, I would like to ask you to join me, and many friends and relatives all around the world, in praying for healing for me.  Thank you.  May God bless you.

Until next time...

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