Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Humbling? :) Humbling!

Yesterday, on Life with Lynnie (LwL) I discussed how grateful I was that God provided for me, in the midst of a trial.  Ahhhh, I'm still grateful!

After our worship service ended, my friend C let me know that she enjoyed the sermon our pastor had preached.  We spoke for a few minutes, then made our way downstairs to the fellowship room, to join others for our pot-luck dinner.

C and I sat together, of course.  And, we enjoyed our meal and fellowship time.

When Pastor Tom came over to see us, she let him know how happy she was to hear his sermon.  Truthfully, I'm hoping she'll join us in worship, with this church family.

Our fellowship wasn't just with ourselves and the pastor.  Several others joined us for a few minutes.  Of course, I introduced my friend to all we came in contact with.

One thing that happened, made each of us involved have a great chuckle.

Before I tell you why, you need to know that when I attended Thursday evening's Bible study class, I had meant to invite a church sister to join me on Saturday evening for a gathering.  And, I had meant to ask a brother in the Lord to join the singles group, also.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten to ask my church sister.  And, my brother in the Lord hadn't joined us that evening, so it didn't seem to make much difference that I had forgotten to invite either of them to join me and others, for last Saturday evening's Fun, Games & Pizza (FGP) night, with my other single friends.

Knowing that my church sister seemed rather busy talking with people, I mentioned to C about me forgetting to invite her.  I also told her that I forgot to invite my brother in the Lord, also.

You see, C had joined our group for the FGP gathering, that happened just the evening prior.  So, she knew neither I had mentioned, had joined us.

About this, I felt badly.  So, when I saw our brother in the Lord standing close by, I asked him to join us for a moment.  And, introduced my friend C, to him.

I began to comment about how badly I felt that I had planned to invite both himself and our church sister across the room, to our singles event that had happened the evening before.

He got a shocked look on his face and began to laugh, telling us neither himself, nor our church sister would have attended.  At first, I didn't understand.

But, it only took a quick remark for him to explain that neither of them were single.

I must have appeared shocked, because I truly was!  How did I mistake the fact that they were both married people, and not single people?!

He chuckled when he commented that he was grateful that I had thought of them both, in a loving way.  And, within a few seconds, I joined in the laughter!

I was glad that each of us realized that my intention had been to reach out in Christian love, to the only people I thought were of the correct age singles in my new church family.  For them to join our singles group that usually meets at Tim Horton's for coffee, fun and fellowship, and the special evening we were having, together..

My reaching out, was to do what God told us to do, in 1 Corinthians 16:14, "Let all your things be done with charity."

Charity, is love.  God's love.

Still, if that wasn't shocking enough, something else that was said, made each of us roar in laughter.

He let us know that not only were he and our church sister married.  They were married to each other!

Be still my heart!!

At first, I wondered how I could not have known this.  Then, he explained that they each like things in a different way, so even though they have been married over 29 years and spend much family time together, when they are at church, they don't sit or spend much time together.  He said that this way, they can reach out to others.

Every time I think of this, I still laugh.

Even though the truth seemed rather humiliating, I was grateful that God had placed it on my heart to want other Christian singles in our age group, to gather together.

Being single at an older age is not easy.  If you fit this scenario, I'm sure you understand what I am saying.  So, it's good to have friends to hang out with.

However, reaching out to fellow believers in a loving way, is exactly what God would have us do.  Just as He told us to do when He said to let all things be done with charity... with Christian love.

Even though I may have been humorously confused, God wasn't.  And, I had done what I felt He led me to do.  Apologize, for failing Him, by forgetting to invite the two (2) people I thought were suitable to join in the fun.

In the end, I was still glad I had apologized, because when our church sister finally joined us, our laughter over my error, became even greater!

For this, I praised God!  After all, it was a rather shocking and humbling experience!  :)

Until next time...

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