Saturday, November 30, 2013

FFF & H.B. Greetings!

If you read Sunday, November 24th's entry of Life with Lynnie (LwL), you'll know that it was not just LwL's birthday.  It was also mine!

For me, it's been quite a week or more, of eating out and spending time with friends. 

Yes, I wrote yesterday about sharing a Thanksgiving meal with my Bible study friends, and some of their family members.  It was a wonderful time of fun, fellowship and food (FFF), to be sure!

What I haven't really discussed is other times of FFF when my birthday was celebrated.

Last Saturday evening, a group of my single friends met at Banwell Community Church.  In addition to some of those who normally attend our Christian Singles Café (CSC) who normally meet the first (1st) Friday of each month, at Tim Horton's (TH), there were also a few others who rarely attend, as well as a few people who have never before joined us.

We met for an evening of FFF.  Pizza was being supplied by the church.  We brought dessert, and other items.

Some people played some games.  Others didn't.

At first, four (4) of us played Euchre.  We used a deck of cards, I brought.

I must say, we had an excellent time of fun.  Much laughter was heard, resonating from our table!

After eating, and after a few people left, I sat with some friends and played a different game.  Scrabble!  I must say that I have only played Scrabble less than a dozen times, in my whole life.  Nevertheless, I won!

After cleaning up, we gathered in the church's foyer to say 'bye for now'.  That was when the group sang Happy Birthday! to me. 

At first, I felt somewhat embarrassed.  Later, it made me smile, thinking about how my friends were loving towards me.  I was grateful.  Thank you, Lord! 

On Sunday, after our church service, and even while we shared the pot-luck dinner, many people approached me.  All wished me Happy Birthday, whether I was near them, or across the room.

After arriving home from church, I listened to a message my daughter P left on my answering machine.  Later, she and one of her sons, S (my grandson!) wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook (FB).

My friend M and I enjoyed a delicious lunch at Red Lobster (RL) the other day.  We had a wonderful time, together.  So much so, that after we finished at RL, we went next door to Tim Horton's!  To my surprise, she blessed me with a beautiful birthday card!  Thank you, M.  May God bless you...

Oops, I almost forgot to mention that when I attended the 50+ luncheon, at the church I used to worship at, they too wished me Happy Birthday, and sang the song!

Then last evening, I spent time with my friend MA who is recovering from surgery about six (6) weeks ago.  Her husband R, had the day off.  Both he and their son R, did the heavy work of creating a meal that they invited me to share.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner, together.  Including a cake that had been baked to celebrate my birthday!  I felt that this was such a loving thing they did for me.  Especially, when they had a beautiful birthday card and a birthday gift waiting for me!  Thank you, my friends.  May God bless you!

How blessed I felt, being loved and supported by friends who care.  By those, who showed me love.

Of course, God told us about friends... in Proverbs 18:24, "A man who has friends must himself be friendly, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother."

Yes, all those who love and care for me, celebrated my birthday with me.  For this, I'm grateful!  Thank You, Lord!

However, there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.  That, my friend, is Jesus!

He promised to never leave us, nor forsake us, and to be with us always... even to the end of the age!

How loving He is! 

How grateful I am that I am loved by Jesus!  How thankful I am that He gave His life, and paid the price for the sin of the world, of all who will believe upon Him!

How thankful I am that because I am trusting in Jesus for my salvation, I will not have to suffer eternity in Hell.  With no escape.

Nor, will you... if you are trusting in Jesus. 

Don't wait to accept Him as your Saviour.  Tomorrow may be too late.  Trust in Him, today!

Until next time...

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