Friday, October 18, 2013

They Are and Shall Be...

Here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I'll try to catch up and let you know what I did one week ago, today.

Last Friday, I did something that took up most of my day.  I attended a funeral.

The dad of one of my single Christian friends Y, who meets at Tim Horton's (TH) for coffee, died. 

It was rather shocking to her and her family.  They weren't expecting him to die, even though he was up there in age.

Truly, it was good that Y's dad hadn't suffered with some deadly disease.  Still, her mom was quite shocked to find her husband, dead.

Being Serbian, we met at a Serbian Orthodox church, here in Windsor, where her family worships.

This was actually the first time I had been inside this particular church.  To be honest, it was rather surprising to see that there were no seats, except for the family... and a few, built into the surrounding walls.

People standing, filled up the sanctuary and hallway.  Some were even standing outside the main door.

It was quite a service.  Lengthy to be sure.  Even so, I was glad I attended, for I wanted to support my friend.

To my surprise, only one (1) other of our Christian single coffee friends was able to attend.  D, is legally blind and has other health problems.

Afterwards, D thought he might go home, due to not being able to easily transport himself.  Instead, I drove him to the Serbian Centre, where a luncheon was to be held.

We were among about 150 or so people, in attendance.

In Serbian tradition, we were served bread and another substance which I cannot recall the name of.  And, we were served brandy.  Not mixed in another liquid, but rather it was served in a one (1) ounce mini-cup.

This was a first for me!  I had never before drank straight brandy, like that! 

We sat at a table with other people who were friends of family members.  People who, like us, had attended the funeral service. 

We had a very nice time, and enjoyed great conversation.  We all agreed that the food was delicious, too.

Even so, our hearts broke for my friend Y and her family, who truly missed their loved one.  My heart felt badly for Y's mom.  After all, I know how difficult it is to become a widow.

It wasn't hard to see that Y, her mom and indeed all the family, was in mourning.  Even so, I was grateful that God would provide for them.

Just as He told us, in Matthew 5:4, "Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted."

One thing I was thankful for, was the fact that Y is a minister.  Okay, at the moment, she is not working in that capacity.  But, I am grateful that she knows how important salvation is to all people.

We both praised God when she made it clear to me that her dad had come to Christ, a short time prior to his death.

Hallelujah... is what my heart cried out, when I heard this!  For I knew, that her dad was not in hell.  But rather, he'll spend eternity in heaven, with our Lord, Jesus Christ!

I praised God for this, then.  And, I praise God for this, even now.  And, always will!

Do you know where you'll spend eternity?

Will you be in hell?  Or, in heaven?

If you say you don't know, be sure that you can know.

All you must do is trust in/believe upon the Lord, Jesus Christ... as the Bible teaches, and you will be saved (Acts 16:31).

Until next time...

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