Thursday, October 3, 2013


In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I told you a bit about Monday.  And, about how I joined friends at the legion, once again.  Even though it was a stressful day for me.

I was truly grateful I had decided to go to the legion. 

It does my heart good to see others being happy.  And, it's nice to be welcomed by people, even if they don't know me well!

As I've said in the past, it is truly heartwarming, to see people dancing.  Whether it be couples swirling around the dance floor, or singles doing their thing to the music.

Something different happened to me.

To my surprise, there was someone that I hadn't seen there, before.  Yet, the fellow looked familiar.  For the life of me, I could not place where I had known him.  So, I just brushed it off, and eliminated it from my thoughts.

Until, he came over to speak with me.

Ooooeee!  That's when I knew for sure that we had met, previously!

The funny thing was that he could not recall where he knew me from.  He suggested it was at a real estate event on Boblo Island

I knew it wasn't there, because I hadn't been onto Boblo Island, for many years.  Not since I was there with my family when my children were young, to enjoy the amusement park.

Leaving my table, he didn't quite make it back to return to his wife and friends.  Instead, he came back again.

This time, he spoke about how he played drums in bands over the years.  And, he told me he played with various people.  Including a fellow I knew years ago. 

Immediately, I knew that was how I had known him.  No, not in a personal relationship.  But, since I had gone (with and without Gordon) with my friend V to listen to her nephew's band, I knew that I had indeed met him.  The band used to sit with us!

He was shocked when I related that I had done my friend V's funeral service, a few months ago. 

Then, he mentioned a woman I also knew.  I was absolutely shocked to hear that Helen Purcell had sung with a band he played in.  He asked me about her, and about her daughter, Wanda.

Unfortunately, I had to let him know that both Helen and Wanda had died.

He seemed rather sad hearing this.  He explained that quite a few years ago, he had moved away from Windsor, to Saskatoon.  He and his wife were here, just for a visit.

My heart skipped a beat, hearing about his relationships with people I knew.

For a short time, I joined him, his wife and friends at their table.  And, we enjoyed some conversation, together.

After returning to my table, I silently prayed.  I thanked God for encouraging me.  For lifting me up, out of the sadness I had been feeling.  For helping me. 

Just as He told me/us He would, in Isaiah 41:13, "For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee."

And, help me, He did.  For the rest of the time at the legion, I felt much better.

So much better, that I actually sang for the group, once again.  Thank you, C (our music man)... for allowing me to do so!

No one will ever know how grateful I am for God's Word, the Bible. 

No one will ever know how grateful I am for answered prayer.

No one will ever know how thankful I am for His love and support.

No one will ever know... except Him!  My Lord!

Until next time...

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