Wednesday, October 16, 2013

H.B. T! & Hallelujah!

Before I begin today's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I would like to wish my eldest grandson T, a very Happy Birthday

Knowing T was to be away for a few days, I met with him and his girlfriend S, the other day.  May God bless you and provide for you on this, your special day... and always!  Grandma loves you!!

Here on LwL, I've only ever discussed meeting a previously unknown Facebook (FB) friend, once before. 

I, was from Germany.  She and her husband C, was visiting another FB friend here in Ontario, not far from Hamilton, at the time. 

This was quite a while ago.  Long before I became ill and needed surgery, 13 months ago.

I must say that we keep in touch with each other, even still.  In fact, we usually talk by telephone, daily!

Yesterday, was another one of those occasions, where I met a FB friend, in person for the first time.

Dave Roberts and I became friends not long after I joined FB.  He is an Australian, who lives in England with his wife, Y.  And, he has an on-line ministry.

It's called, Partaker's WOW Ministry.  Here's a LINK so you can check it out!  I've assisted him, in promoting his ministry on FB for quite a while.  I hope you'll enjoy his ministry site.

Originally, he was going to meet me here in Canada, while on his USA trip.  However, with my surgery being delayed and not knowing when it would be done, we couldn't set up a time and place to have him meet with people for a Christian event.

Once we realized that I wasn't going to be in hospital, or at home recovering, we arranged to meet in the Detroit suburban area of Warren (W), Michigan.  W is where a mutual FB friend of ours had arranged to have Dave stay with friends of hers.

It had been many, many years since I had been in W.  My mother had a cousin and his family who used to live in that area.  I recall visiting with them, quite a number of years ago.

Yesterday was the day when Dave and I arranged to meet.  In addition, another mutual FB friend D, was to join us.  As it turned out, this didn't happen, for D was delayed for personal reasons.

Even so, I made my way through the tunnel to USA and drove to W to pick up Dave.  Together, we visited a restaurant for lunch, called Ponderosa (P).  It's a steak house.  One I had not eaten at in many years, since we no longer have a P location in my city.

We spent several hours there, talking and praying together. 

Afterwards, I approached a Christian bookstore in the same plaza.  Soon, I'll find out if they will offer the book I wrote:  Love Never Fails You... (LNFY) for their patrons.  Here's a LINK for LNFY, in case you'd like to check it out.

Then, we drove to various areas to find a store where Dave could obtain a time card to refill his USA cell phone.  Believe me when I say that it wasn't easy finding what he needed, but God provided.  Thank You, Lord!

Upon returning to where Dave was staying, I met with his hosts, fellow Christians H and his wife A. 

We enjoyed some fellowship and prayer time, together.  And, we agreed to become FB friends!  :)  Praise God!

While things had not worked out the way we had originally hoped they would, with Dave visiting and ministering in Windsor, we were happy that God's plan was a good one.

This reminded me of Romans 8:28, "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

As I just said, things hadn't worked out quite the way we had originally hoped.  Dave hadn't been able to minister in Canada.  And, our mutual friend D wasn't able to join us.

Yet, God still had a purpose and a plan for our lives.  And, it worked out for our ultimate good!

I'm thankful that I was able to meet both H and A.  And, I know there was a purpose in that, also!

You see, A loves to sing.  So, I referred her to my FB friend who has recently begun an on-line radio programme.  I'm sure I'll be hearing her beautiful singing voice on the radio, very soon!

I praise God that all things work together for good, to them who are the called according to His purpose.  Hallelujah!

We may not always know His purpose, and/or why things don't always work out as we plan for, but He is in control.  He always knows best.   And, for this, I will always be thankful!

Until next time...

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