Friday, October 25, 2013


In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I addressed the issue of the possibility of me having received a miracle healing.

Please, believe me when I say I would rather have a miracle healing, than have to have any further medical treatment of any sort.  Especially, not the dangerous surgery I am awaiting.

As I left my family physician's office on Thursday afternoon of October 17th, without a prescription for the antibiotics I am supposed to continue taking until my upcoming surgery, I thanked him.  And, once again prayed. 

After all, some people may not realize this, but I have swelling and pain, that I deal with, daily!  How could I have swelling and pain, if I've been healed?  That doesn't make sense to me!

Shortly after I arrived home, I once again called P.

I told her I didn't believe the blood test results were accurate.  She agreed with me. 

P reminded me that she had been with me most of the time, when I spent those first two (2) days in the emergency room (ER)of the hospital I eventually spent 15 days in, in May of this year.  Before, they knew I had an ABSCESS.  And, before they knew I had MRSA.

She reminded me that during those two (2) days in ER, many blood tests had been done on me.  MANY!  And, neither the abscess poisoning/infection, nor the MRSA infection showed up on any of those results.


Because both infections are localized.  They are in my gut.  And, not running through my whole body. So, they don't show up in a general blood test.

This confirmed my gut-wrenching belief that the blood test results I had just received from my family physician, were not accurate.

We discussed the fact that it indeed took specialized testing to confirm that I had both the abscess and the staph infection.


Once again, I felt at a loss.  What should I do?  Not from a spiritual aspect, but from a physical human one.

After all, I had just come from my family physician's office, where he told me that I had no infection inside me.  Didn't he know that the basic blood test that he had me do, wouldn't show the truth about what is happening inside me?

I silently prayed, again.  How grateful I am that God provides wisdom to His children, when prayed for.  I am thankful for it.

Once again, I was spiritually reminded that God does miracles.  One day, I'll have to write about a couple of them that have affected me and my family.

For now, I'll just refer to Acts 15:12, "Then all the multitude kept silence, and gave audience to Barnabas and Paul, declaring what miracles and wonders God had wrought among the Gentiles by them."

Yes, I'm hoping and praying for a miracle healing.

However, as my daughter P suggested, we need to do anything and everything we can, to do what is necessary to provide healing for me.  After all, God sometimes gives miracles.  As me and my family is aware of.

But, there are times when healing is done by and through the use of medicines, and or physicians.

P suggested she take me to see her family physician.  I am grateful to her, and for her and the support she gives me.  May God bless you, P!

She suggested I obtain a copy of my blood test results, along with some other information.  I called and arranged this with my family physician's receptionist.  The receptionist told me I couldn't pick it up, until Monday, though.

In the meanwhile, I continued praying.  And, trusting God for the miracle healing that I believe He can and will do, if it is His will.

His will is always done.  Hopefully, His will is the same as what I am praying for.

If you can find it in your heart to pray for me, I would appreciate it.  Thank you.  May God bless you.

Until next time...

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