Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Miracle?!

When I left off telling you about what happened at my family doctor's office in yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I mentioned a woman who had been talking with me had been directed in to see the doctor, even though she had arrived after many other people.

Afterwards, as I mentioned yesterday, I called my daughter P, who usually goes with me to my surgeon's appointments, but who had not come with me to my family doctor's.  I must say, life is so very different than years ago, when we didn't have cell phones available!  :)

I can only wonder if anyone could hear P yelling on the other end of my phone call.  However, with dead silence in the room, I'm sure people were listening to my side of the conversation.

P told me that she thought I should go to The Windsor Star (our local newspaper) and have an article written concerning the problems I have been facing with our good, but broken healthcare system.

In the past, I've heard this from her and from a couple of friends.  Like before, I suggested that I didn't feel I should do this.

After all, I don't want to do anything that would be a deterrence.  I don't want to do anything to hurt my situation. 

Even so, I was rather hurt, upset, frustrated and unsure as to what to do, next.  Silently, I prayed.

Almost immediately after I was finished the call to P, the receptionist opened the door and called me in, letting me know my family doctor would see me after all.  She directed me into an examination room.

Upon his entry, I let him know I heard he hadn't been well, and let him know I prayed he was feeling  better.  He responded he was fine.

Then, I asked him why he had his receptionist tell me that he wouldn't see me.  Not even to give me the results of the blood test he had sent me for.

My family physician told me that he thought it would be better for my surgeon to take care of me.

Once again, I reiterated about how the Toronto surgeon needed to work with/through a local surgeon in order to do my upcoming surgery.  And, about how my original surgeon wouldn't do it, and how he had referred me to a local surgeon who would; the person I am calling my new Windsor surgeon. 

I made it clear to my family doctor that my new Windsor surgeon had told P and I that he was NOT taking care of me, now.  He had told us that if I need anything, I needed to see my family physician.

This means that the doctor I was seated across from, is the only physician here in Windsor who can help me.  And, I told him so.

Yet, he still refused to renew the prescription for the antibiotics that the INFECTION SPECIALIST had told my original Windsor surgeon that I needed to be taking, until my surgery happened.


Then, I asked him if he had ordered the CT scan he had told me a week and a half earlier that he would do.  He hadn't, but he told me he would.

When we discussed the results of the blood test, I was shocked.

He told me the results showed no infection inside me.  Once again, I said, "What??!!  How can this be?"

He responded that the infection must be gone.

Aloud, I praised God and thanked Jesus for this information, providing it was correct.  And, I let my family physician know that I have many people praying with me for a miracle healing.

After all, I would prefer a miracle healing, rather than having to go through the dangerous, surgery that I am awaiting!

Some people don't believe that God does miracles in this day and age.  Some believe miracles only happened while Jesus was here on earth.

I'm not one of them.  I believe God does miracles, even now.

God's Word tells us in Acts 4:22, "For the man was above forty years old, on whom this miracle of healing was shewed."

This happening was done long after Jesus had died on the cross of Calvary, and been resurrected.

Even in my life, and the lives of some of my family members, I've seen miracles happen.  Miracles that could only have come from God.

I must admit that I commented to my family physician that I didn't believe the test results.  I was looking for confirmation.

I asked him if ABSCESS poison/infection would show up in the results of that blood test.  He replied that it would.

I asked him if the MRSA infection would show up in the results of that blood test.  He replied that it would.

After that it was time to leave.  Without assurance.  Without confirmation.  Without further testing to be done.

And, without a prescription for the antibiotics I had previously been told I need, by the Infection Specialist who works with and through only physicians, who does not see patients directly, unless they are in hospital.  Like she did, when I was there in May, for 15 days.

Even though my heart felt like it was sinking, I prayed. 

No matter the outcome, I know that God's will is always done.  So, I will continue to trust Him... for everything in my life.  Even my healing, that I need presently.

Until next time...

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