Saturday, September 28, 2013


I've mentioned here on Life with Lynnie (LwL) that I have worshipped recently at Walkerville Evangelical Baptist Church (WEBC), here in Windsor.

As I posted on Facebook (FB), on Friday evening, they were having a MOVIE NIGHT.  It was a no cost evening, since it was free to watch the movie and since free pop, water and popcorn was provided.

Knowing that I have worshipped there, and have been made to feel welcome, I promoted it on FB, to help attract people to attend the film viewing evening.

Originally, I thought I would attend, alone.

But, when my friend M visited me recently, she let me know that she, her husband and son would be attending.  She said that they were looking forward to seeing the movie!

Then today, things changed.

M let me know that she and her family would not be able to join me, after all.  Just to remind you, M is a friend who is also awaiting surgery, that has been delayed. 

Since she had extreme swelling and could hardly stand up, there was no way she could attend.  And, her family would not want to have left her alone at home. 

So, I prayed for her.  And, I am asking you to pray for M, also.  Thank you.  May God bless you, for your loving Christian heart.

Yesterday afternoon, my friend A called me.  She asked me what I was doing for the evening. 

I let her know I was going to see the movie:  Facing the Giants at WEBC.  Here's a LINK to watch the movie through a Youtube link!

A agreed to come with me.  So, I picked her up and we made our way to the church.

It was truly a wonderful movie!  In my opinion, it confirmed to all who have watched it, that nothing is impossible for God.

Of course, it was a direct reflection of Luke 1:37, "For with God nothing shall be impossible."

How grateful I was to have seen this film.  And, how thankful I am that fellow Christians made the film, so that both saved and unsaved people could watch the movie, and enjoy it.

After all, it is absolutely the truth.  God's truth.  Nothing is impossible for God. 

He taught us this, in not just the verse I quoted, but also in other verses of the Bible.  And, the Bible is God's Word.  His truth, that all who are trusting in Jesus Christ, need to read and understand.

Yes, I am truly thankful to God! 

Thankful for my salvation.  For His Word.  And, especially for sending His only begotten Son to die on a wooden cross for the sin of the whole world... of all who will believe upon Him; and become resurrected, so we can know that we too will enjoy everlasting life, in Heaven... with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

If you do not yet know Jesus, as your Lord and Saviour, please come to Christ, today.  Tomorrow, may not happen.  Today, is the day of salvation! 

Until next time...

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