Saturday, September 7, 2013

In Remembrance...

There is something I haven't discussed in a while, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL).  It's the fact that it's been a while since I attended Christian Singles' Café (CSC).

Some of you may recall what this is, while others may not have a clue.

CSC began about four (4) years ago.  In fact, in November, it will be four (4) years, since I have been attending.

It's an event that happens on the first (1st) Friday of each month.  We Christian singles meet at Tim Horton's (TH), at Crawford and Wyandotte W., here in Windsor, at 7:30 p.m.

Up until a couple of years ago, we used to have 20+ people attending.  But, since another Christian group began meeting on the same evening, we often have less people in attendance.

Even so, there seems to be a group of what I would call core members.  People who have known each other for many years.  Almost every month, those same people get together, making this more of a meeting of friends, who meet at one of Canada's favourite coffee shops.

This is especially true to me, since I've known some of those attending, since 1994.

Knowing that many of us are friends and have known each other for a rather extensive period of time, there are times when we have personal conversations.  Like last evening.

One of my friends said he hadn't read LwL for a while, due to his computer being away for repair.  But apparently, it's now at home again, and he had a chance to only make a quick glance to see what was happening.

He asked me about how I was feeling emotionally, pointing out that I seemed not as positive as I had been, in the past.

My response was that in addition to the major health trial I have been experiencing, I have been battling many other trials than what I have discussed, here on LwL.  And, I commented that I didn't want to get into detail, to this regard.

What I did say was that when I think about my Lord, and all I would like to do for Him, I think about how I would like my life to continue.  So, I pray for healing.

But, whenever I think about the serious trials I am facing at the moment, and the broken-heartedness I feel about them, I sometimes feel like it would be better if God just ended my life, and took me home... to spend eternity with Him, in heaven.

In any case, I must say that I had an enjoyable evening. 

Laughing was heard from our area, I'm sure all over the coffee shop.  And, I'm sure everyone in attendance was happy they had taken the time to get together.

After I dropped off one sister-in-the-Lord at her home, I continued to make my way home.

Upon arriving, the first (1st) thing I did was to turn on my computer.  And, open up Facebook (FB).

Something caught my eye.  My daughter P had posted that her five (5) month old kitten, had died. 

Recently, she used a different brand of flea drops on the kitten and her furry mom than she normally used, to ensure that fleas wouldn't become a problem.  Apparently, both mom and child became ill and suffered for several days, until the little one died, last evening.

Knowing P was still up and awake, I phoned her.  And, told her how badly I felt.

After getting off the phone, I went on FB again.  Soon, it was after midnight.

Thinking of the date of this new day, today... I was reminded about how much I missed my younger brother, Glenn.

Today, would have been his birthday, had he not been in heaven.

Once again, I felt this sadness wash over me.  And, made a comment on FB about it.

After praying, I felt better.  Especially after recalling Philippians 1:3, " I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,"

You see, when I prayed, I included Bible verses in my prayer.  Just as I always do.

By doing this, it honours God.  Just as He would have me do.

It also encourages me.  After all, that's what God's Word is meant to do.

The Bible teaches us about God's love for us.  And, about what He expects of us.  But, it also lifts up those who read it. 

Reading the Bible, and recalling it's promises to those who belong to God, is definitely encouraging.  For this, I am truly thankful.

If you do not read your Bible, I would suggest you do so.  If you have never read it, the best place to begin, would be the book of John.  Then, read to the end of the Bible.

Later, you can go back, and read the rest.  But, if you truly want to know about God's love for you and what He wants of you, this would be the best.

As you read, make sure you stop and think about what you've read.  Pray about it. 

You'll find that you feel blessed.  Just as you should, as you read about and remember how much God truly loves you.

Until next time...

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