Saturday, September 14, 2013

Evidence... & Wowee!

It's been a while since I wrote about what I've been up to, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL).  So, I decided that today would be the day.

Wednesday turned out to be a rather surprising day.

Oh yes, I did my usual stuff.  I wrote and published here on LwL.  And, went to the library.  But, what I did afterwards was what was very different.

I went to visit my friend, M.  We had been realtors together in the past, but a while back, she had given up her license, and retired.

In the past, I've written about how M has had her hands full with health issues, also.

Upon arriving at her home, we enjoyed some conversation.  Then, M wanted me to sing using her computer's microphone and webcam.  This way, she could record my singing.

To be honest, I didn't really feel like doing this.  Okay, you'll probably think it was only fear, but it wasn't.

In case you're not aware, the apartment building where I live is having balcony repairs done.  And lately, the workers have been located in my area.

It hasn't been easy dealing with this situation, especially during the recent heat wave we experienced. 

Sigh... once again, no air-conditioning (a/c) to cool down my apartment, due to the fact that my a/c unit needed to remain covered up to not allow any concrete dust to enter it.  If this happened, it would destroy the unit.

My bedroom window was shut and locked.  My balcony door was shut, locked, and I had placed a towel along the bottom of the door's track, just as we all had been told to do.  In addition, I made sure the door was sealed with some foam tubing I had been given. 

All this was done to ensure that no concrete dust would be able to enter my apartment.

Did it work?  Well, yes... and no.

For the most part, it did work.  Unfortunately, after they did some grinding of the concrete in and around my unit's area, I did find that my sandals seemed to slip on the flooring.  It felt like my floors were coated with something.

Looking around I didn't really see much dust, but there was some.  So, did the sealing of my unit work completely?  Not really.

At one point, the fellow doing the work was right outside on my balcony.  Wearing an oxygen mask, he worked away.  The concrete dust was so thick that I could hardly see anything outside.

At the time, I was seated in my recliner next to the door.  Even at the time, I prayed that none of that concrete dust would find its way into my unit.  But, it did.

Not only did I feel residue on my flooring, but that day and ever since, I've felt like my nasal passage, and throat has been affected.  And, my lungs have felt heavy.

So, here I was at M's.  And, she wanted me to sing and record my voice. 

When I say I truly didn't feel up to it, I meant it.  She seemed rather disappointed, and so did a musically-inclined university fellow who was visiting with her and her husband.

I have faith that this is a temporary feeling.  That God will provide for me, and remove the physical feelings I have been experiencing that I believe is due to breathing in even just a small amount of the concrete dust.

Thinking about this, brought to mind Hebrews 11:1, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

I'm trusting God to help me feel better.  I have faith He will do this, and give me complete healing to this regard.  And, I have faith that He will give me complete healing throughout my body, concerning my other rather dangerous health issue of infections, that I need healing of.

I must say that M and I had a nice visit, together.

Once M's husband D arrived home from work, I thought I should make my way home.  After all, it was approaching suppertime.

To my surprise, as I approached her door to leave for home, M suggested that we get pizza from our favourite restaurant.  And, invited me to stay for dinner.  Wowee!!!!

It didn't take much persuading to have me stay!  lol :)

Truthfully, I believe M & D were both as happy as I was, to share this delicious meal together, even if it wasn't preplanned.

How thankful I am that we don't always know God's plan for us.  How thankful I am that He leads us even in the smallest of ways, to be thankful.

Thankful for the big things that affect us in life.  Thankful for the small things.  And, thankful for things that we don't expect to happen.

And, for me... thankful I enjoyed a wonderful visit and meal with friends, on that day.  I left feeling truly blessed.  Thank you, my friends.  Thank You, Lord!

Until next time...

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