Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Comfort, Glory & Honour...

In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I wrote about experiencing something very different, after I sung the first song at the legion, when I joined my friend L and her boyfriend there, for music (dancing for them) and dinner.

Yes, I mentioned that I thought I might hear a little bit of clapping, that people usually do after someone sings or plays a musical instrument, there.  But, more happened.  And, I feel I need to go into a wee bit more detail.

When I finished singing Someday Soon (see yesterday's entry for info and a link), something happened that literally threw me for a loop.

It was something I had never seen happen, there.  Nor, was it something I had ever seen happen anywhere.  Ever.  Except on television.  Or, at a live performance done by professionals.

In addition to some applause, people where hooting, hollering, wanting me to sing more.  And of course, as I mentioned yesterday, I heard someone say I needed to be in Nashville.

When I say I was shocked, I truly mean it. 

Taking a deep breath, I didn't really know what to do, or say.  Silently, I quickly prayed to God.  And, then looked at the fellow handling the music.

He glanced at me, then began speaking, letting people know I would be singing another song.  And, proceeded to start the music.

After finishing the second (2nd) song, my version of Angel, I let people know I sang it to honour my deceased husband Gordon, and my Lord, Jesus Christ.  Then, I went to sit down.

My head was spinning.  I could hardly think straight.  And, the shocking feeling of experiencing what I had experienced, kept me that way for a while.

Just so you know, when I was young, I had three (3) opportunities to have a singing career. 

It never happened.  I had such terrible stage fright, that if I knew someone was listening to me singing, I just couldn't sing, anymore.

Before I say anything more about what happened on Monday, I feel I must say something that you may not be expecting to hear.

Knowing that I had trouble finding a surgeon to do the operation I need to save my life, I had felt rather sad and stressed.  Not always, but certainly from time to time.  You're probably aware of this.

Something you probably aren't aware of, is the fact that there were times when I felt so alone.  Even though I knew my Lord was with me, I must admit it has been horrible going though this trial, alone.  Without anyone to love or care for me.  Or, for me to love, pray with and/or pray for, in return.

There were times when I have felt like maybe I shouldn't have been praying for healing.  Like maybe instead, I should be praying that God would take me home.

But, over the week prior to last Monday, God seemed to comfort me.  And, He gave me hope.

Just as He promised us in John 14:18, "I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you."

For this, I thank God!  After all, He did exactly what He said He would.  He came to me, providing me comfort.

I wanted to do everything I could to honour and glorify Him.  So, after I sat down, I prayed silently.

People walked up to me, and danced around to where I was.  They made comments, complimenting me on my singing.

One woman told me that she couldn't wait to hear me sing, once again.  Then, a couple danced by me, complimenting me, saying that I needed to go to Nashville. 

After the song was finished, they came back and spoke with me.  The husband told me that he was serious; he wasn't joking.  He truly felt I needed to be able to record music.

God had placed it on my heart to do something to plant seeds for Christ.

In my bag, I had some Christian wallet calendars that give a gospel message.  I gave them out to anyone and everyone who came to speak with me.

And, I prayed that He would water those seeds I planted, just as He promised He would.  I'm trusting Him for this, and for so much more.

Until next time...

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