Tuesday, August 20, 2013

That's How!

Recently, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I wrote about my business trip to Milton, Ontario, and beyond.

I also wrote about how I visited a couple of friends.  Truth be told, there were other friends I would like to have visited, but wasn't able to do so.  Hopefully, God will provide another occasion for this!

Until my friend and ex-coworker C mentioned my Bucket List (BL), I hadn't even thought about creating one.  Even though I had arranged to travel elsewhere.

Some people might think that it was on my BL to go visit my cousin in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA, but as I said earlier, I didn't really have a BL.

My cousin E and I have had numerous telephone conversations.  Especially, since we had discussed the fact that I needed to find a surgeon, somewhere.

It was E who had suggested quite a while ago, for me to search out a possible surgeon, in USA.  And, I did search... for many, many hours.

Once I found one in Las Vegas (LV), I called her about it, and she checked him out, as best she could.  We had some discussions about my need and about this surgeon.

I had long since decided he was a possibility for me, should I not find a surgeon here in the Province of Ontario (PO).

Not to change the subject, but I must let you know something else that led up to my flying to LV.

Not too long ago, I realized that I needed to either use my Delta (D) points, or add to them.  When Northwest Airlines (NWA) was still around, I had accumulated many points; points that were never lost over time.

However, once D took over NWA, the programme changed.  With D, your points only stay with you two (2) years; if you don't use them, or add to them, you lose them.  You may or may not recall that a couple of years ago, I flew to Chicago, with a friend, to keep my points, at that time.

When it occurred to me that I needed to fly somewhere, I praised God for reminding me of this!  Especially, since I knew I only had a short window of opportunity to go somewhere; after all, I am awaiting surgery, and cannot schedule too far in advance.

Being on D's e-mail list, I receive notifications on weekly air specials.  It seemed at the time, that Pittsburgh (P), PA was the special available.

I searched out on Frommer's (F) what there was to see and do there, knowing that I wouldn't be there very long, and don't really have an extended amount of energy.  Of course, I checked out accommodation, as well.

After I had done this research, I enjoyed another phone conversation with my cousin E.  I told her what I planned to do.

E suggested that if I flew to LV, I could arrange an appointment with that surgeon we had discussed.

In my mind, I had envisioned seeing the LV surgeon, only if I couldn't arrange one in my PO.  But, after some discussion with E, I realized it might be wise to see him, before I ran out of PO options.

And, she volunteered to pick me up at the LV's McCarran Airport, and drive me to her home in LHC, about a two and a half to three (2 1/2 - 3) hour drive each way, as well as to my surgeon's appointment.

After a few seconds silence on my part, being rather shocked hearing this, I thanked her for her loving suggestion.  And, I let her know I would look into it and get back to her. 

To be honest, it was the most wonderfully surprising invitation I had received in a long time.  Thank you, E!  How grateful I am to you, for everything!  May God bless you...

Well, that's how it came about. 

I arranged an appointment to meet with the LV surgeon, arranged my airfare and let my cousin E know that we would be able to celebrate with each other, with a loving visit!

Knowing that within a few hours, everything fell into place, I realized that not only does God know the plans He has for us, as I wrote about in the past, but He also purpose in everything.

Just as He told us in Ecclesiastes 3:1, "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:"

Believe me when I say that I know for sure that God had a purpose in my flying to LV.

How grateful I am to Him, for providing for me, in every way.  Thank You, Lord! 

I feel blessed.  Even if I am facing the most difficult trial of my life.

Until next time...

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