Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mom... & Lovingly Provoked!

It seems like it might be a good time to write here on Life with Lynnie (LwL), about something I did recently.

First, I need to say that today is a day of reflection for me.  It's the anniversary of my mom's death.  And, I miss her, very much.  I love you, mom!

Before I tell you about what it is I did, I want to comment about how my life has been over the last almost year, of being unhealthy.

Between having two (2) surgeries/operations, fighting infection that began immediately after my first surgery last September, and not healing properly, being hospitalized for 15 days this past May, my life hasn't been easy.  Of course, with tubes, and medications, things became more complicated.  Then, with being on those ultra-strong antibiotics intravenously for those several weeks and having a pic line and having to carry around the pump, life became even harder.

What I'm getting at, is the fact that with not being able to drive for much of the last year, and with not being able to do much of anything, I felt like my life was worthless. 

I don't mean of no value, but more along the lines of feeling like I just couldn't do anything.  Of course, that was due to the fact, that I truly couldn't do much of anything!

To be honest, I felt like I was imprisoned in my own living space.  Probably, because I sort of... was.

In December, I was grateful when some single friends of mine got together for an evening of karaoke.  And, I was thankful that one of my friends actually picked me up and took me home, because I wasn't able to drive.

But, since then, I have literally not done anything much that I would consider to be of a unique fun time.  Other than meeting with my friends for lunch, or for a visit at Tim Horton's.

At least, until Monday, August 19th.

For quite a while now, L whom I have been friends with since we both became realtors in 1988, has reminded me that she and her fella have been participating in an event that I had not been aware was available, until she told me about it.  They visit a legion for dinner and dancing each Monday.

L and her friend D have taken ballroom dancing lessons, on Friday evenings for quite a while.  Then, on Mondays they get together with a group of people who also enjoy dancing. 

Upon hearing about this, I thought this was a nice idea.  Especially, since it doesn't take up time late into the evening.  The music begins at 3:00 p.m., dinner is served about 5:30 p.m., and the music and dancing ends about 7:00 p.m.

On August 19th, I met L & D at the legion.  I paid my fee and joined them and some of their other friends at their table. 

While they enjoyed dancing, I enjoyed the music.  Even if I had felt I was healthy enough to enjoy some dancing, I didn't have anyone to dance with, so I just enjoyed my time watching others swirl around the dance floor.

Except for about half of a song, when people were line dancing.  L grabbed my arm and insisted I needed to join the group.  I did.  And, I must say it was fun, but rather embarrassing, since I didn't know the dance steps!  :)

Believe me when I say that was a great thing to do, even if I did use muscles that hadn't been used in that way, for a very, very, very long time!  It showed me that I could try to join in, but not for very long, as I felt in my gut like I had done more than enough, even being on the dance floor for that extremely short time.

One woman approached me.  She asked me if I was the person she had seen the day before, who had worshipped at The Salvation Army Citadel, in South Windsor.  I replied to her, that I was indeed the person.  We had a nice conversation, which ended with her inviting me to return to worship, there.

As I went to get a cup of coffee, another woman spoke to me.  This women looked familiar.  She asked me if I live at Solidarity Tower.  I replied that I do.  Then, we both laughed when she told me that she does, also! 

Hey!  With 299 units, it's difficult to know everyone.  Many people you see long enough to say 'hello' in the elevator, or wherever, but don't really get to know, personally!

Apparently, she and her husband had joined in the fun at the legion, for the first time, the week previous.  And, she commented that they were so happy they heard about this event, that they would come almost weekly.

All in all, it was a lovely time.  And, the food was wonderful!

We enjoyed salad and dinner rolls, the most delicious stir-fry over rice, that I had ever eaten.  Dessert and coffee and/or tea were included in the cost of the meal and entrance fee.

Ahhh... even though I wasn't able to participate 100% in the fun, I felt so happy that my friend L had told me about this, and had kept inviting me. 

Thank you, L!  Not just for the invitation, and encouragement, but also for making me feel cared for, by provoking me in a positive way, to do something I wouldn't normally have done. 

While L didn't provoke me to do good works for someone else, I realized that her good works towards me, was an encouragement.  A sort of confirmation of Hebrews 10:24, "And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:"

Every time L had mentioned that I needed to join her and her fella, I could feel the loving care and consideration she had for me.  Her encouragement of me, lifted me up and made me realize that I need to begin living, again.

What a wonderful thing for her to have done for me.  Provoking me, in a positive way, to change my life.  Even if it was in a small way.

Especially, since in October, it will be four (4) years since my husband, Gordon died.  And, especially since she realized that I felt like I no longer had a life... on a human level, of course.

How grateful I am to God, that He provided a friend for me, who cared enough to love and encourage me to get out and live my life, while I still can.

Of course, even if my life here on earth ends, it will continue on in heaven.  And, for this, I praise God!

How do I know this?

Because God's Word, the Bible, tells us that when we believe on the Lord, Jesus Christ, we shall be saved.  And, to be absent from the body, is to be with the Lord.

So, I know that whenever my life here on earth ends, I will spend eternity in heaven, with my Lord. 

If you are trusting in Jesus for your salvation, the same thing applies to you.  If you are not trusting in Jesus, please do so, today.

No one is guaranteed, tomorrow.

Until next time...

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