Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Word, or Two!

If you read yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, you'll know that it was rather lengthy.  I apologize for that.

In it, I told you about how my realtor friend L had encouraged me to join her and her boyfriend D, at a legion for dinner and dancing.  And, about how I had done exactly that a week ago, last Monday, August 19th.

You're probably wondering if I did this again, this past Monday.  Yes!  I did!  It was sort of like an instant replay, but a little different.

I must admit, after having a busy day, I almost didn't attend the function. 

You see, first thing Monday, my daughter P and her boyfriend K picked me up.  My daughter B, had been asked to join us, but she wasn't able to.

Normally, I would drive us to the Heinz warehouse in Leamington, but knowing I only would be looking for a few things, while P would be hoping to stock up, we agreed it was best to use her vehicle.  This way, her purchase wouldn't be loaded into my van, then moved into her car.

It was a blessing having K with us.  He doesn't normally join us, but I was thankful he was there to lift things that I wasn't able to do.  Thank you, K!

Normally, General Motors of Canada CAW Local 1973 members and/or their families can shop at the Heinz warehouse, during two (2) pre-set time periods, annually.  However, with being not well for the last year, it had been a very long time since P and I had done this!

After doing our shopping, P headed towards home, but stopped at Colasanti's along the way.  Click on the name, to open a link to become familiar with it.

There, P picked up a couple of plants that she had seen when she was there a few days earlier.  And, I bought us some of their homemade doughnuts!  Unfortunately, it's not the right time of year for their delicious homemade apple cider.  :(  But hopefully, I'll be well enough this fall to have a return visit and purchase some.

Before arriving home, we made several stops at the bank and a few stores.  Eventually, we arrived at my apartment complex.

K and P were kind enough to transfer my purchases to my apartment, before heading off.  Thank you, both... so very much!  May God bless you!

After storing away only what I absolutely had to, I sat for a couple of moments, and then headed to bed, to rest and relax for about 20 minutes.  Yes, I wish it had been longer, but the short nap did wonders for my energy!

Off the the library I went!  Then, on to do another errand.  Eventually, I arrived at the legion and met up with my friends L & D.

This time, my visit was a little different than it had been a week earlier.  This time, I didn't do any dancing, at all.  Not even a partial song's worth of dancing.

Why?  After entering and exiting vehicles more than a dozen times that day, my gut wasn't feeling the best!  In fact, due to this, I had almost decided to not join my friends.  But, I'm glad I did!

Once again, the music was wonderful.  Watching my friends and others dancing was great, too!  And, our meal of roast beef, vegetables, penne, salad and dinner rolls, plus dessert and coffee and/or tea, was delicious.  What great cooks they have!

Just like the first time I was there, people came and spoke with me.  How grateful I was for this!

During our conversations, I found out that one woman was a fellow author, of poetry.  And, that she was Christian.

Our conversations (yes, we had more than one, together!) were wonderful.  And, honouring to God.  I was grateful that even though this was a secular event I was attending, He made a way for me to discuss Him.

After all, we are the apple of His eye and are called to glorify Him.

So, it was fitting that our conversation be honouring to God, just as we are told in Proverbs 25:11, "A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver."

Being mainly seniors (it's not a family-with-children type event), it did my heart good to see singles and couples of various ages using their physical energy for fun. 

And, believe me... they had fun!  Some used much energy as they danced like professionals!

But, it also did my heart good to speak with people about my Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Anywhere, and everywhere I go, He comes up in conversation.  Even at non-Christian events like I had attended, there. 

I praise God He is in my heart and mind, every minute of every day.  Always. 

Until next time...

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