Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On the Street... & Sold Out!

In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I mentioned I had a very stressful week, last week.  With many things happen that were hurtful to me.

It's not my intention to write about everything that transpired.  But, I will tell you about something that happened.

Since I felt like I had more energy, due to once again being able to take my vitamins, and was once again able to drive... on Sunday, June 23rd, I decided to go visit my brother, who ended up visiting me on Sunday, June 30th.

Just so you know, he came to see me, because I had two (2) failed attempts of travelling to see him.

After loading up my van on the 23rd, I left home very early in the morning.  It didn't take long to get to Hwy. #401.  I felt like I was the only person on the highway at that time of day, because I never saw another vehicle!

Just after I passed the Puce Rd. exit, something unusual happened.  I heard dinging.

I normally check my dashboard on a regular basis and had seen nothing wrong just a minute or so, prior.  But, when the dinging happened, I looked and saw that the temperature guage was on H... meaning it was HOT!!!

Realizing I would have to try and somehow make it home, I prayed.

Then, I opened up the venting system, and turned the fan to the highest speed it could go, to try and draw some heat away from the engine compartment.  And, prayed some more.

Most people would have probably stopped and called for help.  But, I didn't do this.  Instead, I got off at the next exit, and drove several more miles to Belle River, ON.

Seeing the main street area under construction, I enquired from a man who was leaving a restaurant, as to what was the quickest way to get to a service station.  Then, I made my way there, to find that it was closed.

I doubled back and parked on the street, next to a Tim Horton's (TH) coffee shop.

After letting my van cool down for a while, two (2) men left TH and were chatting, nearby.  Since I had trouble lifting the hood, they helped me.  And, commented that there was not a drop of coolent, or water in the cooling system, at all!

A friend of theirs joined us, and commented that I should let it cool down more.  He secured his dog and went into TH. 

A little while later, I went to pour water into my radiator (rad).

The two (2) men who had helped me open the hood were still there talking, and laughed when they saw me take a bottle of drinking water to pour in the van... and yes, they commented as they laughed!  

Both men suggested I go into TH and get a jug or two (2) of water.  I let them know I couldn't carry that weight, due to my health not being good.  Since they didn't offer to help, and since I had a couple cases of bottled drinking water in my van, I decided to just open bottle after bottle, to fill up the rad.

Their friend with his dog, once again made his way over to my van after exiting TH.  He asked if I spilled any water on the ground as I was pouring it into my rad.  I replied that I had not.

He laid on the ground and let me know that the hose line leading to the rear heater was leaking in the mid-section of my van.

I mentioned that I had to get home to Windsor.  All three (3) men laughed, claiming I would never get there.

Just as I had done, when I first spoke with them, I once again spoke up for God.  I said that since my Lord helped me get from Puce Rd. and Hwy. # 401 area to there in Belle River, that He would help me get home.  They laughed.

After filling up the rad as much as possible, I started up my van and drove away.

Some people might think this was a dangerous thing to do, especially since my van's motor could have blown.  But, I prayed God would help me drive the 30+ minutes to get home.  And, He did!  He provided for me. 

In reflection, I was happy that I was able to speak about God and witness to those men, at the TH in the town of Belle River.  Yes, I was glad I had spoken about Jesus!  After all, He is my Saviour.

I prayed for each of those men.  And, prayed that God would remove the blinders from their eyes.  I prayed that what I had said, would resonate in their hearts and minds, until they came to Christ.

Thinking about witnessing to people, I recalled doing street ministry with my ex-pastor, prior to my husband Gordon's death. 

This is what helped us to witness to people, whenever we travelled.  Not just in N. America, but also in Europe.

A Facebook (FB) friend of mine, has a street ministry.  Here is a Youtube video that Levi Price made entitled, Bold Street MinistrySold out for Jesus

That video and what transpired in Belle River made me think about Mark 16:15, "And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."

Everything happens for a reason.  We may not always know why, but God does.  And, he opens up the door for opportunities to speak to others about Jesus.

Some people don't feel comfortable planting those seeds for Christ.  But, I do!  And, will continue to do so, until I draw my last breath.

Why?  Because God commanded us to.  And I want to be obedient to Him.

Until next time...

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