Friday, July 26, 2013

H.B. B! & Heavy Load...

Before I begin today's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I'd like to take the time to wish my brother B, a very Happy Birthday! 

If you've read recent LwL entries, you'll know that I've written about visiting someone who is sick.  It's a brother of a friend of mine.

You'll also be aware that this fellow is single and has never been married.

To me, this is sad.  After all, this person is in his late 50's.  This means that he has no wife to help him and encourage him.  And, no children to do the same.

Some people might think that what I just said is rather silly.  But, to me it's not.

I've been married.  I've been loved.  And, I've been taken care of, by my (now deceased) husband Gordon, whenever I was ill.

Of course, I did the same, in reverse.  Whenever Gordon wasn't well, I took care of him.  I encouraged him.  And, let him know he was loved.

In my opinion, since a husband and wife become one person when they marry, it is important to be there for each other.  And, to pray together.

Since Gordon's death, life has not been the same for me, in many ways.

It's been lonely.  As I've written in the past, I felt like part of me was torn away. 

And, since being not well, it's been even more difficult for me, each day. 

There's no one to talk with, pray with, spend time with and be encouraged by.  No one to assist me, physically, especially after my surgeries. 

Let's face it, being alone isn't fun.  Being not well, makes it an even heavier load to bear.

This reminded me of Galatians 6:2, "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ."

I am thankful that I am now able to get up and around.  Able to go out, and do things, even if I do become worn out, rather quickly.

I'm grateful that God placed it on my heart and mind, to be a support to my friend's brother.  Especially, since he's truly sick and in need of support and encouragement.

Previously, I asked for prayer for him.  And, I thank each of you who have prayed.

May God bless you.

Until next time...

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