Friday, July 12, 2013


Thank you for reading yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry.  And, thank you to anyone who has prayed for me.  May God bless you...

Yes, I suffered due to being weak.  However, after having my chiropractic care, and after resting for a few days, I was once again able to function.  I praise God for this!

Shortly after I was feeling improved, my daughter P and I met with a friend of mine who lives over in Michigan, USA.  We met at a Tim Horton's (TH).

This friend used to live in Ontario, but has lived over near Detroit, for a few years, now.

After greeting each other and talking about general things, we got down to brass tacks.

I asked this friend if they knew of a surgeon in the Detroit area, who could do the surgery I need done.  During our conversation, my friend told me that no one came to mind.

One thing this person did tell us, was that while they were in the process of moving across the river, to USA and were sort of half here and half there, a family member had to go to London, Ontario, to see a specialist.

My friend was truly disturbed when they were told to take their family member home.  Home, to die.  They were told nothing could be done for the person.

As I said, they were partly here and partly in USA.  Apparently, they received in the mail, confirmation that they were accepted into an American healthcare programme/program.

So, they took their family member to a hospital in Detroit, Michigan, USA, not far from where their new address was.

A specialist examined their family member.  The result shocked them.  They were told that they could see the problem and determined they could fix it, with surgery.

Their family member had the surgery and today, is well and doing fine.  And, happily proceeding with their life.

Once again, I praised God, aloud!  So loud that people around us turned and looked at us.

My friend told us that indeed they felt I need to go to USA.  We were told not to trust our Ontario healthcare system.  Especially since, it seemed to be letting me down.


Before leaving, my friend told us that they would be meeting with a physician friend and would ask him to provide a name.  Ahhh... I felt relief.  I praised God, aloud.

We prayed and went our separate ways.

I received a message from my friend and was given the name of a surgeon.  In addition, a list was faxed to me.  The list didn't really tell me whether or not any of the surgeons were capable of what I need done.  Still, I was grateful.

It turned out the surgeon could not do the surgery I need.  It was not his area of expertise.  So, I'm still trying to work to locate a surgeon. 

This brought up a question to me.  Why isn't my current surgeon/doctor assisting me?

During my last visit with him and my daughter, he made it clear that there was nothing more he could do for me.  Even if this last surgeon in Toronto, who had not yet responded to the referral fax, were to respond that he couldn't help me.


When P and I were first told this, I felt rather shocked.  I asked my surgeon/doctor what would happen if this last Toronto surgeon responded that he indeed could not help me.

He shrugged and a slight smile-like grin came across his face.

So, I commented, that it seems that I would just die, then.  Unless I could get help outside Ontario.  He shrugged and once again said he could not help me obtain a surgeon outside of our province.

It was then, that I commented that it seemed that it wouldn't matter to him or our system if I died, saying that if they buried me, hey!  The problem would be gone.  No one would have to even think about it, again.

There was no further comment from my surgeon/doctor.

Like I said, at first I felt rather shocked.  But later, I began thinking about this horrible situation I am in the middle of. 

And, as I reflected upon what we had been told, I began to feel horrible.  All I could think of was how evil our world truly is.

After all, I would have been fine if I hadn't been infected with the staph infection MRSA, in the operating room, last September.  It has prevented me from healing and is now threatening my life.

In my opinion, it's pretty bad when a surgeon/doctor will not help you.  After all, what are they there for?

After praying about this, I thought about Matthew 6:34, "Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."

I calmed down.  And, realized that I need not be upset. 

God is in control.  Of everything, including my life.

It is truly up to Him, as to whether or not I will survive and live on in this evil world.  Or, if it is His will to take me Home.

After reflecting, I realized I should not let my emotions run wild and reminded myself that I need to try and stay calm.  And, pray that His will be done.

Until next time...

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