Monday, June 10, 2013

Reaping Rewards?! (+ a link to: Won't Go Until...)

By now, I'm sure you're probably aware that I was in hospital for 15 days in May and wasn't able to write/publish any Life with Lynnie (LwL) entries. 

Since I've been home, I've not only written my usual daily entry, but also an entry to cover the time period when I was hospitalized.  This way, you would be able to read about when I was in hospital. 

Today, is the last day I need to write the additional entry.  Here is a LINK to May 24th's entry entitled, Won't Go Until...

With yesterday being my Lord's Day, SONday, I got up early enough to watch a Christian programme on television (tv) that I had hoped to see.

Afterwards, I got cleaned up and ready for my nurse to arrive.

My regular nurse was off today, so a replacement nurse came.  This woman is one of the best nurses I have ever had, while here at home.  

Believe me when I say I was grateful it was her coming to assist me.  Thank You, Lord!

Knowing that my regular nurse had some trouble with my PICC line, over the past few days, I was grateful to have this wonderful woman take a look, also.

After her flushing both tubes (catheters) on the PICC line, several times... she tried to draw blood.  It once again, didn't work.

I was asked to raise my arm with the PICC line, turn my head in the opposite direction... and cough as hard as I could. 

After doing this a few times, she again tested my PICC line to draw blood again.  It didn't work.

Still, since she had no trouble flushing the lines, she let me know that she agreed with my regular nurse that it was still okay to use these lines, even though they weren't working 100%.

Knowing that there wasn't a lot of antibiotic fluid left in the bag, I was grateful that I was aware that if the lines were seriously clogged like they had been just before I left the hospital, the bag would contain more fluid than normal.  Meaning that I wasn't getting the full daily dosage, if the line was clogged enough to prevent me from receiving the required amount.

This loving nurse thought about checking my abdomen.  After discussing the fact that I was only getting the wound area cleaned and redressed every second (2nd) day now, she decided to not remove the dressing.

She did feel around my gut.  And, much like my regular nurse, she agreed that there is still an area of swelling. 

We discussed the fact that even though I no longer had a drainage tube, it didn't mean I didn't need one. 

Knowing that I still had some pain, didn't make me happy.  Although, I am grateful that the majority of swelling has drastically been reduced!

Thinking about everything I've been through, sometimes brings tears to my eyes.  So, I try to not think about it.

Even so, after my nurse left, my gut was hurting somewhat, from being poked at.  Tears flowed, once again.

Much like I mentioned in May 24th's LwL entry, I thought about a Bible verse that stood out in my mind.  Psalm 126:5, "They that sow in tears shall reap in joy."

Whenever I have a nurse visit me for treatment, I am very loving to them.  I let them know I pray for them.  And, before they leave, I usually hug them, and bless them.

On Sunday, I did this.  Like I do every day.  Why?  Because, I know it is what God would have me do.

Even though I may have been tearful, I still wanted to plant those seeds for Christ.  One day, I am hoping to joyfully reap the rewards.

Until next time...

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