Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CT Scan & Renewing...

If you've been reading Life with Lynnie (LwL) for a while, you'll know that I haven't been well.  And, I needed to once again have another CT scan done.

Yesterday, was the day.

It was needed, because the drainage tube that had been removed from my gut last week, hadn't worked for several weeks.  And, testing was needed to clarify if I still had fluid around the mesh inside me, or not.

With regards to a CT scan, a friend sent me a link to an article posted online by The Windsor Star, Sunday, June 9, 2013, entitled, Dr. Gifford-Jones:  The radiation question.  Here is a LINK so you can read the article.

This rather negative article had given me some concern when I first read it.  But, after thinking and praying about it, I decided to ignore what had been written. 

Instead, I decided to trust Jesus.  For my healing.  For everything.

My daughter P picked me up early in the morning.  Upon arriving at the hospital, I was shocked to see the admitting office empty.  This was definitely a first, for me!

While there, I mentioned that I had a note from my home nurse, that my PICC line wasn't fully working.  I was told to mention it to the nurse for the CT scan department, since it seemed that it's function needed to be renewed, so it would work properly, 100%.

Within a few minutes I was called into an area where a nurse would discuss my situation, with me.

Instead of just asking me to undo my bra, I was asked to remove it.  Sigh...  I asked the nurse why I couldn't just undo it, and leave it on my body, since it would take major effort to try and get it off.

After all, in the past, I hadn't been required to remove it.  And, it took me what seemed like forever just to get it on in the first place.  Remember, I am hooked up intravenously to the pump system that I must wear.

She insisted I needed to remove it, so I did.  It took quite a while. 

I wasn't happy about having to do this for another reason.  There was a male patient seated only a few feet from where I was making this transition.  He was able to see everything I had to do, if he so desired.  And, so would anyone walking by the area, since it was like a room with only three (3) walls, open to the hallway.

To be honest, even though I am upset still about this, I've reached the point where I can only feel... who cares?  Did anyone?  Not really.  So, why should I?

As I was making the effort to do as she requested, I let her know that at the Admitting office, I was told to mention about my PICC line not working 100%.  She said she would check it out.

Well, she did.  Sort of.  She flushed the line that was not attached to my intravenous bag of super-antibiotic.  It wouldn't draw back.  Her response was that for their purposes, it didn't matter.  It seemed to work well enough for them to use it for the dye they would be injecting into me.

Hmmm... The purpose of my nurse writing that note wasn't just for them to be careful during the test I was to have.  The purpose was mainly so that my PICC line could be corrected and cleaned so that I wouldn't have any further problems with it.

The nurse didn't seem to care.  Nothing was done to ensure it was working 100%.

After having my CT scan done, I asked for help to get my bra back on.  I was told they wouldn't help.  I asked if I could unhook the pump system I have to carry around with me, and place it on a table there.

I was told that I could not use the table.  And, was escorted out of the CT room and told to go into the nearby washroom.

The washroom wasn't very clean.  And, in my mind, there was no way I was going to remove the pump system and place it down anywhere, there.  I had the same thoughts with regards to my t-shirt and bra.

After much fiddling around and frustration over about the next 20 minutes, I finally got myself dressed. 

Believe me when I say I wasn't happy to realize that the netting that is worn over the PICC line, fell on the floor of the washroom.  Knowing that if I picked it up and used it again, I might possibly open the door for further infection and/or germs, I left it there and walked out.

As my daughter and I were leaving the hospital, I told her how frustrated I felt.  Once again, I felt like no one cared.  Like I was just a number, or a piece of cattle, to be processed.

P told me about a woman who had talked with her and told her about how she herself, had almost died in that hospital.

My daughter was shocked hearing this woman tell her about what happened to her.  And, so was I, when she related this story to me.

Sigh... Okay, this story was hearsay, so I'm not going to tell you the details.  But, it came from the mouth of the woman who had the experience.  In my mind, I could not even consider that she would make up such a tale.  So, I accepted it as truth.  Her true experience.

Upon hearing about this, I felt terrible for the woman, and silently prayed... for her, and indeed for all who were in need of medical care.

Once home, as the afternoon progressed, thoughts about what I and others had experienced in that hospital upset me.  I found myself praying again.  And, feeling rather sad about how I felt like no one really cared, about anyone else.  Especially, those who were in need of medical assistance and/or care.

Thoughts about how evil this world truly is, overcame me.  I felt sad.  Low in spirit.

Until a friend of mine telephoned me.  This friend had been a nurse, years ago, but was no longer working in that capacity.  She told me that she agreed with all I had to say, with regards to how little people seem to care, in this world, today.

As the sadness lifted, I began thinking about Romans 12:2, "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God."

Being born-again, I realize that it truly makes no difference what happens here in this world. 

Our lives here are temporary.  And, this world is not my home.

I praised my Lord.  And, I prayed.

Not just for me, that I would have my mind renewed, but I also prayed for others.  Not just for those in need of proper healthcare, but for those who work in the medical field.

First, and foremost, I pray that it is God's will to save each person, if they are not saved, already.  After all, there is nothing more important than salvation.

Yes, I know.  God told us that He wishes that none should perish.  But, He also told us that many will stand before Christ, in the day of judgment and be told... to get away from Him, for He never knew them. 

Biblical truth is this:  not everyone will be saved.

How is one saved?  Acts 16:31 tells us that we need to believe on the Lord, Jesus Christ, and we'll be saved.

If you are not yet saved, please trust in Jesus Christ, and in Him alone, for your salvation.  Today is the day.  You're not guaranteed, tomorrow.

Until next time...

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