Monday, May 20, 2013

Who is in Control?

Like many entries here on Life with Lynnie (LwL) lately, this one wasn't written and published on this date.  Instead, it was created and posted after I arrived home from hospital.

The purpose of doing this, is so that I could fill in the gap in time, and give you information regarding my happenings while in hospital.

On the Friday of the Victoria Day long weekend, my surgeon/doctor visited me, as he had the habit of doing, each morning.  He let me know that he wouldn't be seeing me until the following Tuesday.  He was off for the weekend.

I was also told that one of his colleagues would drop by to see me, instead.

On the Saturday, one of his cronies did drop by.  He let me know he was familiar with my situation.  After a brief discussion, he left.

On Sunday, he came by, once again.  This time, our conversation was somewhat shorter.

One thing he did tell me, was that in his opinion, he didn't think the mesh inside me would need to be removed.


I actually felt relieved hearing this.  I thanked him for his opinion.

After he left, I prayed and thanked Jesus for this doctor's opinion.  And, I prayed that he was correct, in his thinking.

On Victoria Day, the Monday morning, a different colleague of my surgeon/doctor's dropped by.

We had met when she took over for him in September 2012, when I was still in hospital, after having surgery for the INCARCERATED HERNIA.  She recalled this.

From what I've heard, this female surgeon is very talented, and knowledgeable.  We discussed my situation.

To be honest, it was surprising to me that she stayed as long as she did.  In addition to discussing my current treatment and situation, she wanted to discuss some other issues.

The bottom line is that I felt rather upset by the time she left my room.

One reason was obviously the biggest reason why.  She let me know that in her opinion, I needed to have the mesh removed from inside me. 

All of it.  After all, my whole abdominal cavity had been relined in 1994, at the same time I had the first hernia repair done.

But, with the current situation being so severe, it matters not if the past mesh had been okay.  Now, it is no longer safe for me.


After she left, I found myself rather upset. 

Reflecting upon both surgeon's opinions, I prayed.  After all, their opinions were at opposite ends of the scale. 

Even though I felt rather upset, I took a deep breath and declared to myself silently, that I wouldn't rely on either of their opinions.  Instead, I would trust Jesus... my Great Physician. 

After all, my Lord is in control.  Not the surgeons/doctors who were paid by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) to drop by to see me, while in hospital.

Thinking about how Jesus healed many people, several Bible verses came to mind.

One was Luke 8:48, "And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace."

Yes, Jesus healed many people.  Not just those he physically saw or touched, either. 

And, nothing is impossible for Him.  Jesus can heal me.  And, I reconfirmed to myself that I would continue to trust Him, to heal me.  Completely.

Until next time...

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