Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vision... & Prayer Request...

Before you begin reading today's entry, I would like to thank all who have been praying for my grandson T, his girlfriend J, and her uncle.  Yesterday, they were in a collision when they hit a deer that ran into their path as they were driving.

To update you, J's uncle is okay.  J is experiencing some pain, but thankfully had no life threatening injury.  I praise God that T's injuries were not life threatening, either.  But, of all involved, T's injuries appear to be the worst.

His cheekbone was broken and his head was bashed.  T's eye is having problems with paralysis, and other issues, including him not being able to see.  I'm praying his vision isn't permanently affected.

I am grateful that other bones they thought were broken, weren't.  But, with all the bruising, etc., it will be a while before he is healed.

Today, he must see two (2) specialists.  Normally, they might have kept him in hospital, but apparently, the hospital was too full and there wasn't a bed.  It's my understanding that even though they were brought in by ambulance, they laid on gurneys in the hallway, as there wasn't even room for them in the emergency department.

Thank you to all who have been praying, and who will continue to pray.  May God bless you.

When you read today's entry, you may chuckle thinking I planned it to be co-ordinated with my grandson's injuries, some of which are affecting his eye.  But, I didn't.  Today's entry is exactly what I wrote previously, saved and had planned for today.

God obviously thought it was fitting.

On Sunday, I wrote here on Life with Lynnie (LwL) that I was rather tired.  Knowing I had written about watching a movie my daughter P told me about, I realized later that you may have gotten the idea I was tired, simply because I stayed up late, Saturday night.

While partly so, it was not the main reason I was worn out, Sunday.

As I mentioned previously, I become exhausted rather quickly, since I haven't been well.  And, Saturday had been a busy day for me.

My nurse came early in the morning to clean and redress my wound.  Thank you!

By around 9:00 a.m., or just a few minutes later, I arrived at the Legion on Lesperance Rd., Tecumseh.

When I had been healthier and not leaking as I am currently, I had arranged and paid for a table for their indoor YARD SALE, that was being advertised in the Shoreline (local paper).  A friend of mine was to share the table, but she became extremely ill this week and couldn't join me.

My book is rather light in weight.  Even carrying in enough to provide for the day, didn't amount to much weight.  Still, I used a tote bag hung on my cane, to carry copies of Love Never Fails You...

Normally, I wouldn't have needed to use my cane, since I can walk on level surfaces without the use of it.  However, anytime I need to carry anything, this is how I do it as you know, for it takes the pressure off me. 

So, with God's help, I went inside to my table, spread a table cloth and arranged copies of the book I wrote,  Love Never Fails You... .

Vendors had tables offering their wares, like gift items, jewelry, homemade knitted items, clothing and used items for a yard sale.  In addition, the Lions Club had two (2) areas where they offered things for sale. 

One was homemade baked goods.  The other, was next to me, where they sold tickets for a draw.  Both their tables were set up to raise funds to be used for the blind. 

By the way, my brother B, is a Lion.  Not here in Windsor, but in another city in Ontario, where he lives.  And, he is the person who has created and published their newsletter, in his area.

To my surprise, there was a good number of people who attended the indoor yard sale.  Not huge numbers at any given time, but a steady flow of people.

I was happy to see this.  Not just because it meant good sales for me, but also because I knew it would help the other vendors, and especially the Lions Club.

After all, the Lions Club does good work in the community to help the blind.  Here in Windsor, they even have an apartment building to assist those who have vision problems.

Speaking of vision problems, God told us that until we truly come to Christ, we are blinded to His truth.  But, once we come to Christ and belong to Him, we are changed. 

Just as He told us in Matthew 13:16, " But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear."

How grateful I am that God removed the blinders from my eyes.  For even though I've had human eye problems, I can see.  His truth.  Thank You, Lord.

Until next time...

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