Monday, May 6, 2013

From Within...

Today's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, is one that I wrote last summer and just never got around to posting.  When I came across it, I realized it was actually relevant with what I had been discussing a few days ago, here on LwL.

If you read LwL recently, you'll know that I wrote about Islam.  While today's subject is the same, the take on how Muslims are trying to take over in North America, is a little different than it has been in some other countries. 

I could write about the issues, but some others have done it for me.  Here are some links for you to read/watch/listen to:

Iran Boasts US Has Abandoned Israel, is an article posted on WND:

Along with the article procaiming Israel has been abandoned by the US, there is a Youtube video in the article that is a very interesting one to watch.  It's entitled, The Coming is Upon Us - Translation:  Reza Kahlili (Author of "A Time To Betray") - Atimetobetray.com

In my opinion, what makes The Coming is Upon Us interesting, is the fact that it tries to make people think there are some religious similarities between Christianity and Islam. 

I believe that the information included in the beginning of this video, is used in a way to convince unknowledgeable people, that Chrislam (a religion begun in an effort to merge Christianity with Islam: ) is a viable religion that some people are hoping will be part of the one-world-order.

Of course, only those who understand the differences between Christianity and Islam, will understand that these religions cannot ever be merged.  Why?  Doctrine.

To begin with, many are being deceived by hearing that Islam believes in Jesus. 

While Islam believes in the historical person of Jesus, they do not believe He is God's Son.  Nor, do they believe that Jesus came to earth to be the sacrifice to end all sacrifices. 

In Islam, Jesus is just another prophet.  Not anyone's Saviour.

There are many other differences, but none as important as the differences about Jesus. 

To those who are born-again believers, Jesus is our Saviour, who became the Lamb of God, who took upon Himself the sin of the world, who died when crucified on a wooden cross at Calvary, was buried and resurrected, so that we... who trust/believe on Him, can have everlasting life.

Not the same person to Muslims.  After all, they do not believe anything I just wrote that born-again believers do. 

But, many who don't understand this, are misled.

In my opinion, history has shown that many countries in Africa became Islamic, not because people wanted to convert and accept Islam.  Rather, Islamic terrorists went village by village, killing all infidels, those people who were not Muslim.  Leaving only those who believe in Islam.  Wow!

Again, I believed this happened because there were no forces available to protect the people.  After all, third world countries were filled with populations who at best, were often starving.

This type of take-over could not be done in the western civilizations that have prospered, in comparison to areas of the world, not so fortunate. 

Being large enough, and having laws and co-ordinated military services, we in Canada and USA are better protected than some of the poorer countries in Africa that suffered the murdering of villagers.  Instead, another tactic had to be developed and used, in order to gain control.

This is why I believe we, in western countries, who consider freedom a blessing from God, are being attacked from within.

Immigration has allowed Muslims to relocate to free societies.  Free societies, that allow people to stand up for their rights. 

Countries, where believers in Islam make every effort to stand up and utilize their rights to speak up against the governments in an effort to change laws to be in favour of Islam and Shariah Law.   Those same countries that welcomed Muslims to live, there.

Just think about it.

Prayer being done by crowds in Paris, and other cities by mega-groups worshipping in Islam, with no government intervention.  Hmmm... do you think Christians would be allowed to do that without permits?  Would permits even be issued?  I doubt it. 

Yet, Muslims have done this in Paris.  And, have done the same in New York City, NY, USA.

In England, now that they've pressured the British government so much, that they won the right for Shariah Law, Muslims create disturbances in public areas, claiming they hate the very government that supported them in immigrating. 

This hasn't yet happened in Canada and USA.  Here, in North America, Muslims are fighting a quiet war in an effort to obtainIslam's Shariah Law, as a governing influence.

If you didn't know this, please do not take my word for it.  Check it out, for yourself.  You may be utterly surprised to find out that what I have said, is true.

But, in the end, anyone who understands Biblical truth, knows that something must happen in our world, to bring about a situation that will fulfill prophesy and cause the Anti-Christ to come forward.  I believe it is related to Islam.

Here is a Youtube video entitled Iraq Rebuilding Its Military, Even They Rebuild Babylon:  Prophetic significance? :

God spoke in many places in the Bible about the end times.  He spoke about the Anti-Christ rising to power.  And, He told us what would happen in those times.

Mark 13:22 tells us, "For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect."

Yes, I believe that those who are promoting Islam and Christianity together, as Chrislam are trying to lead people astray.

Some people may disagree with me.  That's okay.  That's their priviledge, and right in our free country.

A part of me actually hopes they are right, and I am wrong.  However, I don't believe this is the case.

Even so, Lord Jesus... come.

Until next time...

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