Saturday, May 11, 2013

Finally, a Bed!

If you've been reading Life with Lynnie (LwL) lately, you'll know that I recently spent 15 days in hospital.

It wasn't easy becoming admitted, even though I had followed my surgeon/doctor's orders.  After much waiting to get into the Emergency Room (ER) at the hospital, and much time speaking with physicians there, I was finally admitted to hospital.

Being admitted didn't actually change anything for two (2) days, except that I was able to have the required treatment of receiving strong antibiotics begun, intravenously.  For this, I praise God!

The hospital was running at more than full capacity, so there were no beds available.  Even though I had to wait to be moved to a room, I was grateful to be receiving treatment, even though no one knew at this time, what was preventing my healing.

Later in the evening of Friday, May 10th, I was finally moved out of ER, to room #706.  A room with four (4) beds in it, commonly called a ward, here in Canada.

For many years, my extra healthcare coverage through General Motors of Canada (GM) had provided me with what is called semi-private coverage.  My now deceased husband had worked at GM, prior to retiring early due to suffering with an inoperable brain tumour.

Our extended medical coverage was great over the years.  Co-payments for prescriptions were low, hospital care and extended medical care coverage was excellent.

At least, it was this way, until GM claimed to be having financial trouble, a few years back.

Not only were the Canadian and American governments assisting GM in a financial bailout to keep the company viable, but employees had to agree to cut their benefits.  Retirees and those like me, who have survivors pensions found their benefits were also cut.

At that time, I wasn't convinced that GM was as poorly off financially as they claimed.  Since then, I am convinced the company truly wasn't.

Why?  After all cutbacks were made, all of a sudden GM's financial situation changed!  Today, they are expanding their business!  Praise God for this! 

Unfortunately, company expansion and jobs being created is not taking place in Canada.  In fact, workers here have continued to lose their jobs, like when the transmission plant here in Windsor, closed.

Instead, various countries of the world are benefiting from the cutbacks that we have suffered in our benefits.  Why our government didn't include clauses to have those benefits restored once the company rebounded financially, or why they didn't include requirements to keep business here in our country as part of the agreement, is beyond me. 

Had I been working to make those arrangements, I would have insisted on this being done.  Oh well, nothing can be done, now.

In any case, I was finally moved from ER to a bed in a ward. 

After general questions and my vitals being taken, my daughter P once again asked for me to be tested for MRSA (a staph infection that can be picked up in a hospital).  The test was done, just prior to me being able to go to sleep.

Was I worried about the coming results of the testing for MRSA?  No.  I was trusting God for the results.

I was reminded of Matthew 10:28, "And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

Of course, I knew in my heart that no matter the outcome of the testing, God would heal me.  I had nothing to fear.

I quickly drifted off to sleep.

Until next time...

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