Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Darkness & Light...

As I am sure you know, I did not write today's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry while I was hospital.  Instead, at home I've been writing entries daily, along with entries like this one, so you can read about my happenings, while hospitalized.

Yesterday, I explained how the general manager of the hospital came to see me, after the terribleness that occurred in room #711, with that elderly woman and her son.

After the general manager left, I began to question if he was sincere, or not.

His demeanour reminded me of the floor manager that I had much contact with, when my Gordon was in the intensive care unit (ICU).  That fellow came across as a good Christian.  But, in my mind, the truth came out, when he wanted to end my husband's life, instead of trusting God for the circumstances.

A few hours later, a nurse came to me and told me I would be moving to room #810.  A private room, one floor up from where I currently was located.

Just before they moved me, my bed and my personal items, the general manager returned to see me.  He confirmed that I would be moved to the private room.  And, once again, he apologized for how I had been treated.

It wasn't easy being moved to the new room.

I don't believe I have mentioned this previously, but there were several elevators that were not working.  Normally, the elevator company under contract for repairs would come and do their thing.

Not at that time, though. 

Apparently, the hospital tried to hire others to come and get the elevators working, but everyone contacted refused to do it.  Why?  Because the company employees were on strike.  And, no one wanted to cross the 'picket line'.

My heart sunk when I heard from one nurse that it was almost impossible to get to ICU, due to the elevators near the entrance that weren't working.  I felt badly for families of those receiving treatment, in that department.

Eventually, we arrived at my new room.

Room #810 was a lovely room.  And, definitely a private room.  It couldn't be used for anything more, since there wouldn't have been room for a second (2nd) bed, even if they tried.

It wasn't surprising that I had my own private washroom.  What was surprising, was the fact that the private washroom had it's own shower unit.

The nurses commented that it seemed I had won the lottery.

If it hadn't been that my reduced immune system had contributed to me picking up the staph virus MRSA, I might have agreed with them.  But, if I hadn't been suffering from the MRSA, I also wouldn't have ever been moved to this special room.

So, even though I heard those comments a few times, I didn't agree.  I did comment that it was a lovely room.

It didn't surprise me that God had made provision for me.  After all, I belong to Him.

He knows His children live in an evil world.  And, suffer various trials in their lives.  Some, like me.

Thinking about this reminded me of John 10:10, "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."

While I would have felt better about the situation, had I not been put at risk with that contagious patient in room #711, I was grateful for the room I was moved to.  At least, I wouldn't be placed in any further situations that could contribute to further illness.  I praised God for this!

After all, God is in control.  And, He provided for me, even in the darkness of the evil situation.  And, He through His light, provided for me.

While He told us that the evil one comes to rob, kill and destroy, we know that our God, came to give us life.  And, life more abundantly.

I praise God for this!  Hallelujah!

Until next time...

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