Tuesday, March 19, 2013


As I wrote yesterday on Life with Lynnie (LwL), I suffered greatly on Sunday, with much pain.  This happened after I overextended myself on Saturday.

You may be wondering what it is that I did, to cause myself this much pain.

Well, I have to go back a while in the past, to let you know that I had been invited to the Sherk Recreation Centre (SRC), in Leamington, to join fellow authors and others who were participating in the Antique and Craft show.  The show was scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday, this past weekend.

As the time grew near, I thought about cancelling my attendance.  After all, when I first agreed to participate, I thought I'd be healed enough to attend.

Even though I am still not healed fully, my experience with carrying my laptop computer to Staples for repair, showed me that by using my cane, I could carry items that I would find too heavy to carry, for myself.  At least, that's what I thought.

It stormed with blowing snow, through the wee hours of Saturday.  By the time I hit the road to drive to Leamington, about a 45 minute to one (1) hour drive from home, it was storming badly. 

Once again, I thought about not attending, but reconsidered.  After all, copies of the book I wrote:  Love Never Fails You... were already in my vehicle. 

Since I knew I couldn't carry my regular table that I use, I had previously stored two (2) tv tray tables, in my van.  I'm sure you recall the older, lightweight ones that are featherweight in nature.

The only thing I truly needed to carry to my vehicle was food and water that I decided to take with me.

Bad weather or not, off I went.  The roads weren't great, but I was able to arrive at the SRC within my estimated time.  Thank You, Lord.

He provided for me, the closest parking spot to the main entrance.  Again, I thank You, Lord!

But, getting these things into the centre wasn't easy for me.  And, there was no one to assist me.

At first, I thought I had managed well, without hurting myself or causing myself much pain.  But, as the day progressed, I realized that my pain level was increasing.  This was an indication that I had done way too much, physically.

How grateful I am that God loves me.  How grateful I am that He knows my every need, even before I do!

After all, He told us in Isaiah 65:24, "And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear."

Yes, God knew my need, even before I did.  And, He helped me.  He provided for me, in many ways.

After eating, drinking and selling copies of Love Never Fails You..., I didn't have to carry much other than a few books that were not sold.  I thank You, Lord, that you provided sales for me, to reduce the amount I needed to carry back to the van.

I thought about leaving the tray tables there, since I was supposed to return on Sunday.  But, when I realized my pain level was increased, I prayed about it. 

As I packed up to leave, I carried the books in a tote on my cane, and carried the lightweight tray tables out to my van.  Phew!  Thank You, Lord, for providing a way where there wasn't one.

Even so, the one thing I was concerned about, happened.  As I wrote yesterday, my pain level was unbelievable on Sunday.

Today, my pain is less.  Even so, I still need healing. 

And, I realize now, that I am definitely not healed enough to carry much.  I feel like God spoke, and I heard, even if what I heard wasn't what I hoped for.

Once again, I am requesting prayer for healing, for me.  I appreciate your prayerful Christian love.  May God bless you!

Please know that I pray for you, also.

Until next time...

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