Saturday, February 16, 2013

To... and Away...

Since I write regularly, here on Life with Lynnie (LwL) about being a widow, you're probably aware that Valentine's Day is a hard day for me.

When my Gordon was alive, I would usually wake up on Valentine's Day, to find a myriad of love expressions around my home.

Oh yes, the usual gifts of flowers and chocolates.  But, the things that were most endearing to me were the little things he did. 

Like placing hearts of various sizes everywhere he knew I would be.  Sometimes leading to my chair, on my recliner, in the kitchen, in the fridge.  On the stove, in cupboards.  On the mirror and in the shower, in the bathroom.  And, even in my car/van.

I must admit, I truly miss this.

Not just because of the love he showed me on this day, for he showed me love like this, regularly.  But, because I miss the closeness that is no longer present.

Being soulmates, he would end my sentences.  And, I would sometimes end, his.

When we had eye contact, we could feel a connection.  Same with when we held hands; sometimes even receiving an electric shock.

But, it's gone, now.  He's gone.  And, so is the love.

Of course, I love my family and friends and do my best to show them my never-ending love.  Just as some people do, for me.

On Facebook, several friends posted Valentine's greetings.  And, so did I.  One that I saw stuck out in my mind, so I am posting a link here for you to enjoy...  A Valentine from God...

I must tell you that a few days before Valentine's Day, I received a card in the mail. 

It was actually shocking to me, to have received this Valentine card.  My now deceased husband Gordon's friend B, who lives in St. Thomas, Ontario, had sent it.

No, it wasn't a love card, as some people may think.  But, it was a valentine.  And, it was cute. 

In the past, I've received cards from various people that were different than the norm.  At first, I thought this card was much like the musical cards I have experienced.  But, it wasn't.

It was different, because when I opened the card, instead of music being played, there were multiple voices wishing me Happy Valentine's Day.  They argued with each other, over who I should choose to be my first valentine.  lol

The most surprising thing was after I shut the card.

After a second or two (2) of silence, the voices again spoke up, saying things like... 'they shut the card!  How could they do this?'... and more!

lol  :)  Never before had I experienced this!  It sure gave me a laugh.  Thank you B, for encouraging me!  May God bless you.

Thinking about being an encouragement to others, brought to mind a Bible verse.  Hebrews 10:24, "And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:"

I pray for B.  Not just because he did his best to encourage me at a time when he knew I would be feeling loss.

I pray for him, because he is not a born-again Christian.  In fact, he has told me that he doesn't even like to think about God. 

Personally, I believe it's possible that he's experienced much pain in life.  And, instead of turning to God, he's turned away.

No matter the case, I praise God for B, and for the caring friendship he has extended to me, since Gordon's death. 

Please join me in prayer for B, and indeed, for everyone we know who walks a mile in his shoes.  Without our Lord.  Thank you.  May God bless you.

Until next time...

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