Friday, February 1, 2013

My Helper...

In yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I wrote about having my CT scan done, at the hospital.

What I didn't mention is that when I thanked the medical staff as I prepared to leave, I spoke with them for a moment.  At first, they seemed quite shocked.

You may be also, when you hear what I said.

As I got my coat on to leave, they had told me that my surgeon/doctor would have the report in a few days.  My comment to them was that I was praying that they would find something left inside me, from my first surgery.  Something like a sponge or whatever.

Both the male and female worker looked at me with a shocked look on their faces.

So, I explained... that if something had been left inside me, that hadn't showed up in the previous ultrasound I had, before my last surgery, it would be simple to remove it.  Then, my healing would take place, quickly.

Every nurse I've had, and my surgeon/doctor all agree something is not right inside me.  No one knows what it is.  But the fact remains, there is something wrong inside me.

I let them know that I was praying for this, because the worst-case alternative, may be that I would have to have major, major, major surgery, to remove all the mesh that is inside me.

This is definitely not something I want to happen to me. 

If this happened, what on earth would I do?  After all, I've had mesh covering most of my abdomen since 1994.  But, with the September surgery for the Incarcerated Hernia problem, and all its complications, more mesh had to be added.

Normally, people have an inner lining that holds all their innards intact.  In my case, I haven't had this.  Not for many years.  Mesh had to replace what my body could not handle.

So, I'm sure you can understand how devastating it would be to have the mesh removed.  Not to mention the danger and seriousness of the surgery, as it was explained to me by my surgeon/doctor.

Whenever I think about this whole mess of a situation, I sometimes begin to feel axious.  Once I feel this, I remind myself, that I need not fear, nor be afraid, for God is in control.  And, I take a deep breath and slowly exhale, while praying.

God told us in many verses in His Word, that we should not fear, nor be afraid.  The one that came to mind, was Hebrews 13:6, "So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me."

Please know that I have been praying that God would provide wisdom and guidance to my surgeon/doctor and all medical people who have been treating me.  And, I've been praying that it is His will that I not require further major surgery.

How grateful I am that I do not have control over this situation.  How grateful I am, that God's will is always done.  How thankful I am that He loves me, supports me, and provides for all my need.  How thankful I am that my Lord helps me through each day of my life.

I pray that you are grateful for everything in your life, also. 

Until next time...

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