Sunday, February 10, 2013


As I mentioned in yesterday's Life with Lynnie (LwL) entry, I am grateful that the Lord led me to attend the grave-side buriel, on Friday.  And, I'm thankful I obeyed.

The weather wasn't good.  It wasn't disgusting on the roads, but in the area of the cemetary, I couldn't quite tell if it was snow squalls, or just so windy that snow was being blown around.

I began wondering if I had done the right thing in attending.  Especially, when I couldn't locate the buriel site. 

Eventually, I saw a vehicle parked.

Stopping, we both rolled down our windows; it seemed we were both looking for the site.  The couple thought it was possibly over in the corner of that area.

At the scheduled time, no one else was there.  A few minutes later, I decided to drive through the cemetary once more.  The last thing I wanted to do was to miss the buriel, due to being at the wrong location.

Nope.  No other areas seemed ready.

As I arrived in the area of the office, I drove in to park.  An employee had been out at their vehicle and stopped to talk with me.  She told me the weather was so awful, I should stay in my vehicle, and she would go check out the info.

This courteous woman let me know that she wasn't sure where the location was, but that she heard that either the time had changed or they were running behind schedule.  It was suggested to me to wait in my vehicle until the funeral home car passed by, then follow it.

At first, I began to do this.  Later, a fellow worker let me know that indeed the corner I had been stopped at originally, was the site. 

Then, I saw another couple of cars arrive.  Not wanting to walk an extensive distance through the snow, I decided to move over to that area.

After while (about an hour after the original scheduled time), the funeral car arrived.  With a few cars behind it.

Getting out of my van, I heard a voice call my name.  I didn't believe I knew anyone there, so this was rather surprising!

The fellow walked over to me, greeting me with a smile and a handshake.  It was embarassing that he recalled my name, and I just couldn't recall, his! 

Being the humble person I am, I politely greeted him in return, confessing that I just could not recall his name.  His response was so great! 

Hector told me that I will never forget his name, now that he quoted a short remark, "Hector, Hector... funeral director!" lol!  He's right!  I'll never forget his name, again!  At least, I hope not!

Once the casket was laid in place and we were all huddled together in hopes of not being blown away, Hector spoke to me aloud.  He asked me if I would speak and say some prayers.

Hmmm... I hadn't been prepared for this!  Even so, I am not afraid to speak and/or sing in situations honouring God.  I agreed.

Even though I didn't know this person extremely well, I knew a little about his life. It hadn't been an easy one.  And, he hadn't been a perfect person. But, I also knew that was forgiven as he had been trusting in Jesus for his salvation.

Normally, when I give a eulogy, I give a gospel message.  Just as I did that day.  Yes, I prayed.  And, sang Amazing Grace, and was happy to see some of this small group joined in.

No one else wanted to say anything, so I prayed once again.  In closing, we joined together in reciting the Lord's Prayer.

As I said, I wasn't really prepared to do this.  But, I was glad I did it, anyway.  Even if I didn't know anyone there, but Hector!  And, didn't know if any in attendance were Christian.

One thing shocked me, once again.  I say once again, because in the past, this happened, also.

I wondered to myself... why was there no minister/pastor there?  Where were they?

A thought crossed my mind, that possibly no minister of the gospel attended, because they weren't getting paid to do so.

Thinking about this brought to mind, Matthew 15:8, "This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me."

Only God knows the condition of the hearts of the pastors of both churches I had known this brother-in-the-Lord, worshipped at.  Only God knows why neither one attended to honour this brother.

I prayed, truly hoping that it wasn't a case where this happened due to lack of promised income.  If it was, then one could possibly think that both these men of God were hearers of God's Word, and not doers.

Hmmm... that brought to mind another question.  Why were there no pastors/ministers on call and available, who would pay honour to this soul and to God, by coming and doing what God has led them to do (even if they weren't going to be paid)?!

After all, what better time and place is there, to give a gospel message and plant those seeds for Christ.

Until next time...

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